How To Nail Your Chauffeur Job Interview


Published on April 14, 2021

Congratulations, you have a chauffeur job interview! You have clearly made a good first impression, with your CV and application. But the job interview is where you can really make the difference. This is your one opportunity to impress and show why you are really suited for this job. It might be the only opportunity you get for this role. So do you know how to nail your chauffeur job interview and how to impress? Find out here!

Preparation Is Key

There are many things you can do already before the interview has even started. Preparation is key and can make a big difference already. There are lots of things you can already do. Preparation is everything. It can also really prepare you for any potential unexpected situations.

Find Out All The Details

First things first: do you know everything about the job? Have you read the full job specification, or was there a more extensive version you could read? Try to find out more about the company or the family who is recruiting for the job? Do you know the area, or perhaps anyone who has worked there before?

Where possible, try to find out as much information as you can about the job. This will help you determine whether the job really is suited for you, and make sure you can prepare your interview questions too, accordingly.

Schedule Your Route

When it is the day of the interview, being organised is key. The first impression is key, so being on time is crucial. Being early is even better! To achieve this, make sure you schedule your route. Always make sure to count in extra time for any travel, as you never know what could go wrong on the day. Make sure to schedule in for any delays you may occur en-route and have an alternative mode of transport.

It is always better to arrive early having to wait, rather than running in a couple of minutes late. Arriving early shows that you care, and have made an effort.

During The Interview

So now that you know exactly how to prepare for your chauffeur job interview, make sure you think of the below things you can do during the interview to leave the best impression.

Always Be Polite

This is key. Even though you might not feel comfortable with some of the questions, remain polite at all times. Make sure to smile, answer any questions they may have and actively engage in the conversation.

It could happen that the interview is not going as smooth sailing as you thought, or hoped it was going to be. Maybe you will realise during the interview that the job is not for you after all. You might not get on with the person who is conducting the interview. Perhaps you are in disagreement with what they are saying. But even if this is all true. Make sure to not mention that during the interview. What you simply should do is always remain professional. Meaning you should stay calm, friendly and polite at all times. There will be time after the interview to politely decline the role. But do not make any hasty decisions whilst you are there.

Think About Your Body Language

Are you aware of your body language? Do you know what you look like, what your body looks like, and your facial expressions, during interviews? You might show very negative signs, without meaning to or realising you do so. There are simple ways you can fix this. Make sure you sit upright, with a straight, open posture. Make sure to not cross your arms, or turn your body away, as this comes across as closed off, disinterested and uninviting. Do not slump or lean back in your seat. Make sure to always make eye contact when you are speaking to your interviewer(s) and smile!

Prepare Questions Yourself

At most interviews, it is likely that the interviewer(s) will give you the chance to ask some questions too. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your organisational skills. As well as the genuine interest you have for the job role. If you get stuck, try the following options.

  • Are there any specific details about the tasks they have not mentioned, you can ask further about?
  • What the start of the job and the initiation period will be like (would there be any training, or a trial period, for example, and a handover?).
  • Can they explain the reason for them looking for a new person? Are you replacing a previous chauffeur?
  • Could they give an idea of the timeline of the recruitment process? When would the new chauffeur need to start?
  • Would there be a follow-up interview after this, or perhaps a trial?

Post-Interview Must Do’s

The interview might be done, but the process is far from over yet. There is still plenty of time, after the interview, to leave a good and lasting impression.

Firstly, don’t be too keen. Do not call them the same day to ask for feedback or results. Assume they are busy, with other interviews, and their job! So give it at least a day or two, to check-in and follow up. There could be lots of candidates being interviewed so do give them a couple of days to get through the admin of that. But after several days, a polite phone call will definitely be in place.

The fact that you enquire about the job afterwards, firstly shows that you are genuinely interested. Secondly, it can really help to make you stand out from the other candidates as they are now reminded about you again!

How Can Polo & Tweed Help

Hopefully, the above tips will give you the confidence to nail your next chauffeur job interview. And we are here to help! At Polo & Tweed, we have many years of experience in recruitment, interviewing, and how to find the best chauffeur job for you. We are always here to help you and answer any questions you may have. From CV writing to interview skills and how to get your dream job. You can apply to register with us now by completing this form, and one of our consultants will be in touch. You can also contact us directly here.

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