The Benefits of Hiring a Full Time Gardener


Published on September 7, 2020

Do you know what the benefits are of hiring a full time gardener? Having a gardener can be a great addition to any busy household. Especially if you have a (large) garden or land around your house to maintain. Having a garden can be an amazing thing. But it is a lot of work that many underestimate.

So what are the benefits of hiring a full time gardener?

Complete Maintenance

Having a full time gardener is really a must for anyone with a sizeable garden or land around their property. Although sometimes it does not so much come down to the size of the garden. But more the level of maintenance. Perhaps you have a garden that has not been cared for, for many years and needs an update. Or you are looking to completely redesign your outside space?

Your gardener can take all these projects on. Just some of the tasks a full time gardener can do are as follows:

  • The overall upkeep of garden, flowers, plants, trees, and land.
  • This includes things such as mowing the grass.
  • Planting, watering, and feeding plants and flowers.
  • Planting and caring for a vegetable patch, growing herbs, fruit, and vegetables.
  • Keeping the garden neat and tidy. Clearing up any leaves and other clutter.
  • Operating, cleaning and maintaining gardening machinery such as land mowers, leafblowers, shears, shovels, etc.

Even if you have a smaller garden, there can be so many things a full time gardener can do. You might have plants and trees that are high maintenance and need looking after on a daily basis. Perhaps you like to keep bushed and hedges trimmed very neatly in a particular style.

Or you are growing fruit and vegetables in your garden. To do this well, and successfully, requires a lot of maintenance. At least several times a week if not daily.

If you have a large plot of grass, this will need to be maintained and looked after weekly too, more often even in the summer.

And when you have a pond, this requires a lot of time a full time gardener will be perfectly suited for. You might even want paths layed, a new drive, fencing and decoration. All this your full time gardener can take on too. Overall, your full time gardener will be able to be responsible for the overall maintenance of all your outdoor spaces.

The Option of Live In

Did you know that it is quite common for a full time gardener to have a live in role? This means that the gardener will have accommodation on your land. Most of the time this is separate accommodation from the main house, with a separate entrance.

But there are many benefits to having your full time gardener live on the grounds. They will be able do deal with any issues very quikcly. They will be able to be much more flexible in their working hours. And you will always have a helping hand when you want to start a gardening project.

Just make sure you understand what it takes to have someone live in on your grounds, before you commit to this. It is important you have space, and ideally a separate outbuilding to be able to do this. Your privacy is important, but equally so

Cost of A Full Time Gardener

Salary for any role, but particularly gardeners, will depend per role, set up, and location. What can be an acceptable salary in one country might not even be minimum wage in another country. Also, depending on the skills your gardener has, the salary might be depending on that. If your gardener has any qualified specific skills or has lots of experience, expect to pay more.

The below is an indication of a salary for gardeners in the UK.

Entry level/Less experienced Gardener & Groundsperson  with 2-4 years experience.

  • Expect a salary of £430-£600 gross a week live in and £510-615 gross a week live out.
  • Yearly salary range from £24,000 gross to £32,000 gross.

Mid level/More experienced Gardener & Groundsperson with 4-8 years experience.

  • Expect a salary of £610-780 gross a week live in and £6120-865 gross a week live out.
  • Yearly salary from £32,000 gross to £45,000 gross per year.

High level/Very experienced Gardener & Groundsperson with 8+ years experience.

  • Expect a salary of £790+ gross a week live in and £870+ gross a week live out
  • Yearly salary from £45,000 gross upwards.

Of course, depending on budget/package/skills required everything is always flexible and not set in stone.

How Can Polo & Tweed Help?

Polo & Tweed have an excellent selection of full time (and part time!) gardeners on the books, all over the world. We have an extremely strict and extensive selection process. To make sure that only the best professionals make it on our books. So that when you get candidates sent to you, you know they will be of the highest possible quality.

Let us do all the hard work for you and find the best full time gardener for you now. Give us a call or send us a message and we look forward to speaking to you!

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