How To Stand Out In A Crowded Job Market

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Published on December 26, 2022

The job market is a dynamic and ruthless place. Fast-paced and moving with the times, standing out from the crowd and setting yourself apart is becoming ever more crucial. The current climate requires not only patience and persistence but an overarching change to approach how one presents themselves. Focus on not only providing a good first impression but ensuring that you leave a positive, long-lasting one.

Use Your CV Cleverly

The preliminary tool used to stand out in a crowded job market is your CV. An impressive CV launches a candidate into the mind of an employer. Already allowing them to form a positive impression before they meet you. Alter your current CV to make sure that it is updated, presented in a professional manner and contains a richness of detail.

These are all more likely to make you stand out from the waves of bland dross that employers receive. Be sure that your CV has relevant, job-specific detail, avoiding being too brief or less than optimally presented. 

The Balancing Act

Through this, you can aim to show the employer that you have carefully considered the role for which you are applying for. That you have engaged with the job advert and upon understanding its demands, produced a detailed and relevant CV. It is important that you value yourself, employers are looking for talented, self-driven employees who will addCV value to their workplace and colleagues.

Whilst it can be a fine balancing act at times, try and focus on the benefits that you bring to the company, and why your specific skills and experiences would be of value. Rather than viewing yourself as the one to benefit from employment, begin to see yourself as the one adding value.

The Job Interview

Following a successful CV application, you will likely be asked to interview for the role. Across industries, interviews are increasingly taking place online. The common sense approach covers most of the key points to give a positive online interview impression. Be well presented, in line with the role you are applying for, if the interviewer can’t imagine you doing the role based on your attire, you will have to work even harder to convince them you are right for the role.

Conducting the interview in a quiet space with a good internet connection is paramount. Avoiding interruption from other people or from connectivity issues doesn’t particularly provide a positive account in itself. However, allowing an interruption to occur can reflect negatively on your ability to plan or prioritize the interview.Handshake

Likewise, have researched the role, the company and refreshed your own accreditations so that you are able to provide a fluid account of the value you would bring.

The Follow Up

Following an interview, it is paramount that you reach out and send thanks, either by letter or email. Especially after an online interview, sending thanks can help add an element of tangibility and humanize your application.

You should always aim to provide evidence of being a positive person to work with and hence, act with the integrity and intentions that you would like to receive, were you the other side of the desk. 

Practise, and Prepare

It is not a simple task, to stand out in the current job market. It requires careful thought and preparation of how to present yourself, it may require multiple attempts before you perfect how to market yourself to companies.

Though practice is key, using friends and staging mock interviews may give you an edge over others with less experience. Getting your CV reviewed by as many people as possible to iron out any kinks and offer a fresh take on its effectiveness is also a noteworthy tip.

If you feel that you have reached a stage to stand out in a crowded job market or would like some support in doing so, we can help! Our dedicated recruitment professionals are ready to help you find your dream job. You might need a bit of help with your CV, or brush up on your interview skills. Simply contact us today, and we can help you get started.

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