What Is The Best Housekeeping Job for You?


Published on June 15, 2020

So you’re thinking of becoming a Housekeeper. Maybe you have already been working in housekeeping! Bt did you know there are many different types of housekeepers, and housekeeping jobs? There’s a great amount of variety and it’s important to find out what the best housekeeping job for you is. Once you find the job that really fits you, you will be much happier and that will show in your work, attitude and your employer will notice it too. So only good things can come from it!

So, what is the best housekeeping job for you?

Why Is It Important

Finding a job that first your personality, but also your lifestyle and (family)life, is extremely important. Even if your main motivation for working is to earn money. It is important to make sure you can enjoy, at least aspect of, your job. And sometimes that means finding a job that fits with what you want to do outside of work. If you are happy in your job, you are likely to be better at your job. You will want to put more of an effort in, and that will show in your work – and to your employer too!

If your employer is happy with you, it can only mean positive things, from a very stimulating long term work environment to potential bonuses, and even salary increases!

Part-Time Housekeeping Job

The first type of housekeeping job to look at is being a part-time Housekeeper. This will be a perfect set up for you if you either have another job you do not want to let go of too. Or if a full-time job simply doesn’t fit with your life. Perhaps you have a family and children to look after, which makes a full-time job very challenging. And perhaps, which is a very valid and important reason too, you simply do not want to work full time.

The importance of finding what housekeeping job is right for you, is looking at your life, and what you want and need from your housekeeping job. Of course, a part-time job is going to give you less income than a fulltime job. But if it works financially, earning some extra money with a part-time housekeeping job might be exactly what you need!

A part-time housekeeping job can come in all different types of setups. It might be you are working a couple of full days a week. Or, maybe just a couple of mornings/afternoons. Another popular option is to have a housekeeper come in on the weekend to do all the work. So find what works best with your life and schedule, to match this up to your new dream job.

Temporary Housekeeping Job

The second type of housekeeping job is a temporary role. This could be perfect for you if you are in between jobs, for example, and could do with some extra temporary work. It could also really suit you if you can’t commit to longer-term type jobs, but do not mind taken on the odd bit of work here and there.

The great thing about temporary work is that you can really make it suit around you. Agencies will always post about temporary housekeeping jobs, so just look at the ones that match your diary.

When going for a temporary job, make sure you find out as much about the job and what they are looking for, beforehand. Unlike a longer-term role, there will not be a trial period, and sometimes only a phone interview. So make sure you find out the set up of the job if there will be other people working with you, what type of cleaning materials there will be available and exactly what is expected of you.

Full Time Live Out Housekeeping Job

Now, let’s look at the different types of full-time housekeeping jobs. Being a full-time housekeeper can be an extremely rewarding and very exciting job. A live-out housekeeping job simply means that you do not stay with the family overnight. You would work your set hours every working day and then go home to your own house and life.

This is a great option for anyone looking for a full-time commitment, but who enjoys the independence of having their own place, and their own life outside of work.

When looking at live out housekeeping jobs, make sure you understand and calculate your commute. Even if the job seems like the perfect match, if the commute is very long and complex, it can be difficult to stay committed. Consider how you would commute to work and what the potential pitfalls could be. Will there be a lot of traffic during your time of commute? Do you need to rely upon public transport, and what could be a Plan B when public transport is not working some days?

All things to look at and consider. If you are working an intense, long hours job, the last thing you want to do is having a very long and complex commute to get you home. Only to do the same thing again the next morning. So make sure this works for you!

Full Time Live-In Housekeeping Job

Another option is for you to opt for a live-in role. This means that the family or employer would provide accommodation for you, which you would live in. In some cases, it means that you will live in this accommodation full time – even when you are not working. In other cases, you might have your own place to go to over the weekend.

There are serious things you need to think about when considering a live-in housekeeping job. What is the set up of the accommodation, will you have any privacy? You need to be able to switch off from work on your days and time off work. If your accommodation means you are, for example, sharing a bathroom with the family, then this can be difficult.

Will you have your own entrance? Are you allowed to have people come to visit and perhaps stay over? Maybe some of these things are not important for you, but they could be in the longer term. So think about how you want to live your life. and If you will feel comfortable and at home with the accommodation provided!

How can Polo & Tweed Help?

We can help you find your new dream housekeeping job! We have great part-time, full-time, and temporary roles all over the world, so contact one of our recruitment consultants to find out more. If you apply for a job with us, we will guide you through every step of the process and give you advice to make sure things will go smoothly, with the best possible result.

 To find out more about what options would be suited for you and how it could help progress your career, do contact us here now and we look forward to speak to you!


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