Would You Make A Good Private Household Gardener?


Published on October 14, 2020

Are you a gardener, looking to work for a private household? Great! It can be a great change of career to go from a more corporate environment to working for domestic households. And there is more work in that sector than you might think! However, working for a private household might not be for everyone. Make sure you fully understand what it means to work for a private household so that you can make the right decision for you and your future.

Privacy & Private Household Dynamics

A first big difference between working or a corporate and a private household is that you are working on someone’s private property. And even though will most likely spend most of your working hours outside. You will still be in someone’s private family space.

And that can create different dynamics. If you are in a more public or corporate setup, you might not have to worry about where you work and the sound levels, for example.

But if you are in someone’s private garden. It might well be that the family is spending some time outside at the same time as you are working. So privacy is key. You need to learn to not be too overly present. Nobody wants to have to noises of gardening machinery during a family barbeque!

Is it suited for you?

So when considering if you would make a good private household gardener, think about how you like to work. As a gardener for a family is is important that you are able to work independently, and efficiently. Are you ok with things changing at a moments notice? You need to be able to be very flexible in your work. Things might not work out the way you planned them on that day. So being ok with having a flexible approach to your working day is essential.

Are you able to give people the privacy they need and stay discrete too? Working around family, you might accidentally overhear private conversations. But the family have trusted you into their house. So you need to always be extremely discrete! Whatever you may hear, it stays completely confidential. This is the key to successfully working for a domestic household!

Working Around Children & Pets

Every private household is different. But there are high chances that you will be working in a household with children. Which is something you need to be comfortable with!

First things first: as a gardener, you will probably not directly work with children. Having said that, the chance is highly likely that they will be around! Children are inquisitive, and if someone is doing work in their garden chances are they might come up to you for a chat. So do you like children? Do you mind that dynamic?

And then there might be pets. Dogs, cats, perhaps other animals too. Again, your job role will not involve taking care of them. But chances are that they might be around – especially if the pets can run around in the garden freely.

If you prefer to be absolutely isolated and alone whilst doing your gardening work, then private households are likely not going to be suited for you. There might always be someone around. And even though you will not be directly working with children or taking care of them. Being around them might not be something for everyone.

Secondly, if you will work in a household with children. you should look to get an up to date DBS if you do not already have one. It is quite common for an employer to pay for a DBS, but it is good to have this conversation and not assume they would give you one. Already having one, can also work in your favour sometimes when it comes to job applications.

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