Characteristics of a Live In Housekeeper

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Published on March 18, 2021

Do you know what the characteristics of a live in housekeeper are? Or should be? Whether you are looking for a new housekeeper and need some guidance. Or if you are a housekeeper yourself, you might want to know if you would be suited to live in with a household. Find out everything here.

Understand Discretion

A first characteristic of a live in housekeeper would be discretion. The actual job requires you to live in someone else’s house, their private space. So even if you have your separate living and sleeping area. There will still be lots of times where you might overhear, or see private situations. Which does not have to be a problem. As long as you understand the need to be discrete. So there might be situations where you overhear a private conversation. You should of course never eavesdrop. But by living in the same house, there could be chances of you overhearing something that was not meant for you. So all that is needed from you then is to be discrete. Private conversations should remain exactly that, private. A housekeeper never tells!

Know When (not) To Be Where

As a live in housekeeper, you should know when your presence in a room is not suited, for example. Even if you were planning on cleaning a room. If there is a private family gathering. Perhaps a discussion. Or a business meeting. It is best for you to go to a different area of the house first. And return later to that specific room, to continue your housekeeping schedule.

If you are unsure, always ask. Just politely ask whether it would be suited if you clean the room, or if you should perhaps come back another time. It might well be the case that the people in the room could do with your help with something. So just politely check, but never assume.


If you are working in a private household, you will have to be flexible and able to adapt quickly to potential changes to your day and schedule. This is very different to working in a hotel, where guests come and go at set times. In a private household, flexibility is needed, especially when you live in.

Because you are close to the family home, or living directly in it, you will be able to help out when needed. So you need to account for that level of flexibility to adapt to the family needs. However, and this is something for the employer side too, there are still limits to the work you should do. You should not be expected to work all hours or longer than your contracted hours. Any overtime should be paid as such. And you such be getting enough breaks in your working day too.


Any good housekeeper should be organised. But when you live in with a family or household, it can be ever more important. You want to be able to be organised enough to not let your work and private life mix too much.

So make sure you are organised enough to get the tasks done you have set, or have been set, for the day. Just because you live in should not mean you should be working seven days per week. But to make sure you do not get caught up in endless tasks, you need to be organised in your everyday tasks and working systems.

Also, make sure you keep your own living area organised, and do not cross any lines in the household. If you have your own en suite or bathroom, always make sure you use that. Instead of using the family bathroom, because it might be more convenient. Little things and habits like that will make it liveable and enjoyable for the full household!

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