What Makes a Good Gardener?


Published on November 25, 2020

Do you know what makes a good gardener? Whether you are looking to hire a gardener. Of you are looking for a job as a gardener. Is it important to know what makes a really good gardener. So you can either look out for this in job interviews. Or you can look to work in these things within your own work. And maybe really spark a passion for gardening you did not know you had in you!

The Passion

Any gardener can have the right experience, but what makes them really good? It would be a natural passion for the job. This is something you really cannot learn. Skills can be trained. knowledge can be taught. Be a real, true passion for gardening is something that will come naturally.

And why is this important? Why does this make a good gardener? Because if someone really has a true passion for their job, they will naturally be happy to work. They want to do this because they enjoy it. Not just for the money, for example. Finding a gardener with a true passion for the job is a very special thing you should treasure.

The Experience

Practise makes perfect, as the saying goes. And this also counts for any gardener. Even though someone can be naturally talented. You simply cannot fake good experience. Depending on how quickly someone learns, might depend on how long it would take for them to become truly good at their gardening job. Experience means the gardener will have learned from previous mistakes. They are likely to have worked in different types of scenarios, setups and households. All this will contribute to their level of skill, and how they work. An experienced gardener is a great person to have on your household team!

The Knowledge

How much does your gardener know, but really know, about plants? And bushes, trees, growing vegetables and flowers. What makes a good gardener, is someone who really possesses a lot of knowledge on gardening subjects. Naturally, nobody can know everything about everything. As with gardening, which is an extremely varied subject. But having a certain level of knowledge, in general, will really help already. Your general knowledge as a gardener should be much more extensive than someone who isn’t a gardener! And it is always good to specialise in one or two topics of interest. So that you can become a specialist in this field and stand out in this where required.

The Qualifications

Finally, what really helps to stand out is a solid selection of the right qualifications. There will be gardeners who do not have any qualifications at all. Which is not illegal, but it does not help when looking for a job. Even though experience can weight in a lot. Having a solid set of suitable gardening, landscaping or groundsman qualifications can really help. It showcases proof of you possessing a certain level of knowledge and skill, It also shows that you are taking your career seriously. As you have taken the time and invested the money into doing these qualifications. If at a job interview the final decision is between someone with one or no qualifications and someone who has several. Then it is more than likely that the latter candidate will be favourable. So if you are looking for a new job. Or looking to get higher up in your career. Then investing in the right training and qualifications is definitely a worthwhile route to explore.

How can Polo & Tweed Help?

Do you have a better understanding now of what makes a good gardener? Do you feel you can apply these skills to a new job, and are you looking for a new job role? Polo & Tweed can help! We have great gardening jobs with households all over the world. Whether this is part-time, full time, and freelance job roles – so something for everyone! Our highly professional recruitment consultants will be able to match your skills with the right job that will suit you. Why not contact us here now to register with us and we look forward to speaking to you, and finding the right gardening job for you. 

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