What Does A Part Time Nanny Do?


Published on September 28, 2022

There are few things in life that offer such a holistic and rewarding experience as that of child care. Nannying necessarily imparts a large amount of responsibility. However, it can be such a wonderful and fulfilling job that can blossom into a working relationship. A career that can span from a couple of weeks to multiple years!

You Play A Key Role

A Part-Time Nanny can have a profound impact on the development of children. Especially during their formative years. It can also ensure that the children remain healthy and safe while under your care. A big, but exciting opportunity. A Part-Time Nanny provides an often well-needed respite for parents. As well as an opportunity for their children to engage and learn from others. 

Tasks To Expect

As a Part-Time Nanny, you will guide the children under your care. You also help relieve some of the strain from the parents. You make sure that the children’s rooms are neat and tidy. And you might well tidy up after them and maintain a good working order in the household. You will be able to bond with the children in your care, prepare nutritious meals and provide an outlet for them to share their experiences of the day or week that they’ve had.

You can introduce them to cooking and how to safely navigate the kitchen if appropriate. Altogether, you help create experiences for them to learn and grow. In turn, you help their parents by introducing the children to new skills. Whether that be tying their laces or using cutlery correctly, whilst always making sure to positively reinforce the ones already known.

Additional Tasks

The job may involve preparing the children for school in the morning or keeping them entertained and occupied once they’ve finished in the afternoon or evening. Whilst the children are at school or sleeping, it is an opportune time to help with the washing and ironing. As children’s affinity for muddy puddles can soon cause laundry baskets to stack up! A Part-Time Nanny may additionally help with homework. This really is an opportunity to turn what can sometimes be a thankless chore into a fun hour of learning. Which can be rewarded with games and activities after.

Your Tasks Will Depend on the Child

The planning of fun and appropriate activities to keep busy children engaged is a key element of being a Part-Time Nanny. Whilst a specific job role will be clearly outlined by the client, enquiring as to the child’s interests and hobbies will help serve to give a Nanny an armoury of games and fun things to keep the children active, should that be what the client desires. 

Alongside this, as a Part-time Nanny, you may well be required to ferry the children to external activities and clubs, playdates or even dentist appointments. The day-to-day for a Part-Time Nanny can be very dynamic, a broad open mind and a positive outgoing demeanour are much coveted traits, allowing a Nanny to be flexible and seamlessly integrate within the client’s plans or requirements.

Need for a Dynamic Nature

A Part-Time Nanny’s job description can often canvas many areas due to its dynamic nature. As such a Part-Time Nanny is not simply there to relieve the parents, nor just to watch over the children. The best Part-Time Nannies are metaphoric Super-men&women to the children they care for and often to the clients too. Going above and beyond the normal call of duty is a top Part-Time Nanny’s bread and butter and as often as not they become indispensable and much-loved members of the family. 

Great Job Flexibility

A Part-Time Nannying role can also offer candidates an attractive degree of flexibility, with Part-Time Nannying roles ranging from only a few hours a day to full days, a few times a week, with both live-in and live-out roles readily available. Affording a would be Part-Time Nanny ample time, to pursue other work or hobbies around the role. 

How can Polo & Tweed help?

If such an important and rewarding role is one you feel that you would be suited for, Polo & Tweed can help. Our highly experienced recruitment consultants will happily give you tips and feedback on how to make your Cv really stand out. Simply contact us now to get you started.



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