Can Anybody Become A Gardener?


Published on March 23, 2021

Are you interested in the gardening profession, or do you have an interest in working outdoors, in nature? Then you might want to look at whether it will be suited for you. And you might wonder if anybody can become a gardener. It is good to know what it takes, so you can make n informed decision.

Do You Need To Be Qualified To Become A Gardener?

When looking at whether anybody can become a gardener, let’s start with an obvious question. Do you need any qualifications or training? The short answer is not. But there is a big but! The reason the answer is no is that you do not have to have qualifications to be able to call yourself a gardener. Anyone in the UK could call themselves a gardener, even with zero qualifications.

Advisable To Get Training

But here comes the ‘but’. Even though you do not need any qualifications or training, it will be difficult to get you started in the industry. Would you hire someone who has no qualifications or training in gardening at all? Have some form of training will really help you get into the gardening job market. And for you to secure a gardening job too. Training or qualifications on your CV showcase to your new employer that you have a certain level of skill and knowledge. So that even when you might not have a lot of experience yet, at least they will know you have a certain level of knowledge. Which can just make the difference in you getting, for example, a junior gardener role!

What Training?

There are many different routes you can get training and qualifications when you want to become a gardener. A good way to start is to look at a BTEC or NVQ. You should look at the subjects of gardening or horticulture. These are great places to start as this will give you great general training and qualifications with everything you need to go to get started in the gardening industry. This way you may also find a first job as a junior gardener, or as a gardening apprentice. Many training courses offer the option of an apprenticeship as part of the studies. And this is a great way to get your first, on the ground, experience. Which, you will find, is a sector like gardening, is extremely important.

Do You Need To Be Young To Become A Gardener?

Another question that comes up a lot is whether age plays a difference in becoming a gardener. Age as such doesn’t play too big a role in it. What does, however, and which is what many people confuse with age, is general health and fitness.

Simply put, gardening is a labour-intensive job. You will be working outdoors in all sorts of weather. Whether it will be snowing, sunny or raining – you will have to work! Besides that, you will be doing heavy work. Lifting, dragging, chopping. sitting on your knees weeding. There are so many heavy jobs you will need to do when you are a gardener. So whether you are young or older, doesn’t really make a difference. However, what your physical fitness is, does.

And yes, would someone who is younger probably be able to do a gardener job better or quicker than someone who is approaching 70? Probably, yes. But it really depends per person. You need to have a healthy body that can take all the heavy work. If you have a bad back, for example, then it doesn’t matter how young or old you are. Chances are you will probably struggle with the heavy parts of the job!

How can Polo & Tweed Help?

Do you now know if anybody can become gardener? And do you think it might be a career path for you? We can help! If you are a gardener interested in working in a domestic household setting, do get in touch. Polo & Tweed work with amazing clients all over the world who would be looking for live in, live out, and part time gardeners. And we will help you find the right jobs for you. So why not contact us here now to register with us and we look forward to speaking to you, and finding the right gardening job for you!


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    Hi! My name is Felipe Mainini, I’m from Argentina, and I would like to become a gardener and move with my wife to the UK.
    I hope to hear from you.

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