Work tips: How To Deal With Criticism

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Published on May 31, 2020

Criticism at work. We all come across it one way or the other. And what someone might have mentioned as a positive, constructive comment, can come across as very rude criticism. Enough to make the most confident person in the workplace insecure. But there are steps and ways to deal with criticism, you just have to know how to.

So here are some helpful work tips on how to deal with criticism!

Work Tip 1: Stay Calm

A very natural and common first response on how to deal with criticism in the workplace is to instantly come back with a counterargument or attack. And although that sometimes might feel like the right or just thing to do. It is not at all productive. The best response to criticism at work is a calculated one. Make sure you really listen to the things your colleague or boss is telling you. And, very importantly, don’t interrupt them! taking your time to listen to the critique will make you understand it better. And you can take the time to process, and see if you can do anything with the comments. Perhaps there was some truth in it, and you can look to improve in some areas. Or maybe you can work on making your intentions and work processes clearer to this person, so they understand you better too. Staying calm is key!

Work Tip 2: Ask Further Details

If someone at the workplace is giving you criticism, it is important to fully understand their point.  So, after you have stayed calm and listened to what they had to say, it might be suited to ask for more details. If their critique is directed at a job that you did, it will be important to understand exactly what they felt went wrong. There might be things you indeed missed that you had not thought about. Or, perhaps, they have not looked at it properly and made a judgement whilst missing crucial information.

Either way, ask more questions if you do not understand their criticism fully. You’d be surprised how opening up the conversation can already clear things up a lot.

Work Tip 3: Ask Others

This could be suited if you are concerned whether their criticism was justified. If a certain person has an opinion about you, that doesn’t automatically mean this is correct. Maybe this person is bothered by your style of work or methods. But he or she might be the only one! So ask around – do other people feel this way? It might be a scary and confronting thing to do, but it will really help in clearing the air. Do lots of people share the opinion? No problem – this means you can then start concretely working on this and make sure you become a better colleague in the process. If no one shares the opinion of the person who gave the critique, then that is something to pick up with them directly again.

Work Tip 4: Don’t Ignore The Criticism

Finally, whatever you do, try not to ignore the criticism or the person who gave this to you. Yes, it can sometimes be uncomfortable, or even hurtful. But the only way to resolve it, and to create a healthy workplace, is to keep open communication. Never ignore the person who critiques you. Sit them down for a calm and open chat. Listen to what they have to say, and share your feelings too. Ignoring it will make it worse in your head and will create a very volatile working environment. Communication is key!

How can Polo & Tweed Help?

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