Work Tips: How To Nail a Job Interview


Published on June 12, 2020

So you have found a job that you are interested in. That seems to really match your skills, and what you are looking for in a new job. And even greater news: your CV clearly impressed them, because you have been invited to a job interview! A job interview is a crucial part of the recruitment process. You can have the best CV and the most suitable experience. but if your job interview doesn’t go well, there might be very little chance of you getting the job. So, therefore, next in our series of Work Tips: How to nail a job interview!

Find out our top tips on how to nail your job interview.

Work Tip 1: Preparing for your Job Interview

Preparation is key. Make sure you do the following work tip on how to nail your job interview so that you are fully prepared.

Gather Information

Make sure you find out as much information as you can find, about the job as well as the company. It will look really impressive if you have done your background research into the company, and it also shows a keen interest. This can also help in understanding the job role better, and how you can fit within the company and its values.

Before you leave for your job interview, make sure you have re-read your application letter and your CV, and make sure to bring both to the job interview. Chances are the interviewers will have these documents in from of them, so you need to know exactly what you have written down!

Plan Your Travel

Your first impression will be crucial. So showing up late, or in a rush, is really not an option. Make sure you know exactly where to go and how to get there. Plan your route and account for lots of extra travel time in case of traffic, bad weather, etc. You want to arrive at least 15 minutes early so you can gather yourself and enter the meeting room calm and collected.

Think about things such as parking if you are driving. If you are using public transport make sure you take transport much earlier than needed. So that you will definitely get there with plenty of time to spare!

Make sure to bring contact details of the company and the people you are meeting (or at least an assistant). So, if for some reason you will still be running late, you can at least update the interviewers or the company!

Look The Part

A job interview is not about looking your most fashionable, but make sure you look extremely well presented. You want to show that you have made an effort to impress. Read up on the company culture. If it is a very formal company, make sure you come fully suited and booted. Even if the job role feels a lot more casual, you still want to make sure you look very presentable and formal. As you cannot go wrong with that!

Make sure you are not wearing too much heavy makeup, smell clean, and fresh (no smoking before your job interview!) and you are not chewing gum. All these little details matter in making a great first impression.

Work Tip 2: During The Interview

Be Polite and Friendly

Whatever route the conversation takes, you must always remain polite, professional, and friendly. Even if a question is challenging you or putting you on the spot! Different interviewers have different interview techniques, so always try to remain calm. This also counts for any other person you meet when entering the location of the job interview. Do not disregard the person opening the door for you, or the receptionist or PA taking down your details. They might feed back their first impressions of you so make sure you are polite and friendly throughout!

Body Language

Be aware of your body language. You want to have an open and engaged posture, so do not slump in your chair! Sit up nice and straight, but not with your arms crossed. Also, be aware of facial expressions and try not to play with a pen, or your phone etc. Although this might be a habit of yours, it can come across really distracting and unprofessional.

Be Concrete With Your Answers

During your job interview, you will get a lot of questions. Make sure you are being concrete and concise with your answers. Listen to the questions, and make sure to honest truthfully, but do not make the answer too long or irrelevant. When asked about your background, for example, it is great to summarise previous work experiences. But it is not needed to share your life story, where you went to primary school or that time you went travelling in Asia. Make sure your answers are relevant to the questions!

Show Enthusiasm

No one wants to interview someone who is showing no interest or care. Without overdoing it, make sure to let your enthusiasm for the role come across. This can be as simple as positive facial expression, to mentioning how passionate you feel about this role. Make sure to come across alert and actively interested. Keep eye contact when answering questions as this shows you are engaging in the conversation, and showing interest.

Prepare And Ask Questions

The interviewers should not be the only ones asking questions! At one point in the interview, they will likely ask you if you have any questions for them. Even if they don’t, make sure you have some questions prepared. Good subjects to ask questions about can be:

  • Anything regarding the tasks of the job in more detail.
  • What the first couple of weeks of the job would be like (would there be any training, or a trial period, for example).
  • What was the reason for them looking for a new person?
  • What is the timeline of the recruitment process?
  • Would there be a follow-up interview after this?

Work Tip 3: After The Job Interview

Nailing a job interview does not stop at when the interview is finished. There is still work to do for you afterwards! Firstly make sure you are leaving a good lasting impression. Make sure to shake the interviewers hand firmly, make eye contact, and thank them for the opportunity to seeing them.

Before you leave, make sure you you understand what the follow-up process is. Will they call you? Or email? Note this information down.

If you haven’t heard from them in a couple of days, make sure to follow up. It will come across organised and shows you have keen interest in the job. Especially if they are interviewing a lot of people, it might make you stand out more too!


How Can Polo & Tweed Help

We hope these Work Tips on how to nail a job interview are helpful for you! At Polo & Tweed, we have many years of experience in recruitment, interviewing, and how to find the best jo for you. Our highly knowledgeable recruiters are always on hand to give you tips and advice before your interview and will help you to prep. To make sure you leave the best impression and hopefully get the job! You can apply to register with us now by completing this form, and one of our consultants will be in touch. You can also contact us directly here.

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