Top Skills of a Great Hotel Housekeeper

Published on July 28, 2020

Do you know what it takes to be a great hotel Housekeeper? It really is a specific role, different from any other Housekeeping positions. So knowing the top skills of a great hotel Housekeeper will help you understand if it might be the right job for you. Or see where you might need to improve!

So what are the top skills of a great hotel Housekeeper?


The first top skill any great hotel Housekeeper should have is the ability to work in a team. Whether you work in a very small boutique hotel. or a large resort. You will definitely be working alongside or with someone.

The bigger the hotel or resort, the larger the team will be. There might well be different teams of Housekeepers, starting from a lower level, to more experienced. In a smaller setup, you might be one of the only Housekeepers there. But then there will still be lots of other staff you might be working alongside!

So the ability to work well in a team is a top skill for a great hotel Housekeeper. You should be comfortable with taking directions and following orders. Make sure you help your colleagues out. The housekeeping tasks should be viewed as a team effort. So only by working well together, and helping each other out, will the best standard be achieved.

Discretion & Trustworthiness

When working as a hotel Housekeeper, chances are you will be working alongside guests’ personal belongings. There might be extremely expensive items in the room you have to clean. From high-end clothing to jewellery and other precious items.

As a hotel Housekeeper, a really important top skill to have is trustworthiness. You must be trusted going into guests’ rooms, cleaning up around their personal belongings, and keeping them safe.

Another top skill is to have discretion. There might be times when the guests are in the room you have to turn down, clean, or deliver items too. Discretion is key. Always be extremely polite, apologise for the disruption and ask if you may enter. You are, basically, entering their personal space. So treat it as such. You should be discrete – never repeat anything you might overhear. Privacy is key!

Work Efficiently & Quickly

When you work as a hotel Housekeeper, you might have a lot less time to do a lot more. Rooms need to be turned around quickly but to a high standard. So learning how to work quickly – but efficiently, is one of the top key skills to have as a hotel Housekeeper.

Speed is not the main focus. Because when trying to do tasks in a rush, you might forget things, or not execute them well. Working efficiently will help if you are in a team. You can divide tasks, makings sure everything gets done well.

And it also comes down to lots and lots of practice. You will notice you will be able to do the same task, to the same high standard, quicker, after doing it many times.

Training Can Help

If you are unsure about your skills, investing in training can be a really good move. It will give you the opportunity to practise a lot of skills that you might not have yet. Or skills that you are not so confident in yet!

Training provides a safe environment where you can make mistakes. So that by the time you will have to do the tasks in your job, you will be confident! You can even do online laundry and Housekeeping training now. Giving you the opportunity to build up confidence and learn skills. Form the comfort of your own home!

Polo & Tweed have a word renowned Housekeeping training academy with training courses suited for anyone, worldwide. All of the courses are internationally acknowledged and provide you with a certificate upon passing your final assessment. The training courses are created by the best professionals in the industry. Combining their many years’ or skills and experience to create outstanding training courses. There are options for group courses, online training, and tailor-made private courses too.

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    I really learnt on how to work efficiently and nothing working in a rush. Thank you.

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