What Does A Full Time Butler Do?

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Published on April 29, 2021

The role of a butler has changed throughout the years. From the traditional duties ported by famous fictional butlers like Reginald Jeeves in Batman, and Charles Carson in Downton Abbey. Butlers are in fact still relevant in today’s society. They can be an important member of staff in a modern busy household. But it. is important to understand the tasks the butler would be able to do for you and your household. So what does a full time butler do?

The life of a butler can be exciting, with two days never the same. A butler is the most senior member of staff, working in a large household, traditionally in charge of managing the staff and being the right-hand man (or women) to the Principle. Butlers are extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled in service.Butler

But what does a full time butler do? The duties of a full-time butler vary according to the requirements of their employers. Duties for a butler can include assisting with planning and organisation of dinner parties and events in the home, making travel arrangements, liaising with other staff when needed, answering resident telephone calls, assisting with household and security measures, tending to the garden, and serving meals and drinks.

What are the different types of butlers?

When looking at what a full time butler does. It’s important to understand the different types of butlers first. There are many different types of butlers, both traditional and modern in their approach. Each unique type of butler has its own duties and requirements.

Traditional Butler

When you first think of what a butler is, this type of butler is the one that will come to mind. An old-fashioned butler that you have seen on TV and in films, wearing a traditional butler suit and tie. These types of butlers are becoming increasingly rare. Typical duties for traditional butlers involve mainly the service of food and beverages at formal events and parties. This type of butler possesses excellent knowledge of etiquette and silver service.

Modern Butler

Also known as a ‘House Manager”, this type of butler has evolved from the traditional butler. Modern butlers still carry out traditional butlers’ duties (without the suit and tie) but have a more managerial role. Modern butlers are in charge of the daily routines of the household, training new members of staff and could also assist with chauffeuring duties.

Female Butler

Being a full time butler isn’t just a male role. Female butlers are becoming increasingly popular. With a variety of duties that a male butler may not be able to cover. Female butlers are hired to accompany female principals on shopping trips to buy the latest designer goods. Or to introduce them to the social scene in new countries. Other duties can include housekeeping, managing housekeeping staff, and looking after the principal’s children.

Traditional English Butler

Perfect for families who want to add a British touch to their household. Traditional British butlers carry out similar duties as traditional butlers. But they are well educated in English culture, habits, and history.  British butlers can be asked to help their children perfect their English and even help ensure they get the best British education possible.

Hotel Butler

Hotel butlers are, you guessed it, found in luxury hotels and restaurants. They are experienced in the service industry and are highly trained in silver service. As well as presentation and reception. Typical duties include offering a personalised catered-for experience for guests in hotels/ and or restaurants. Due to their vast knowledge of food, wine, and spirits they have on offer. They can also meet and greet guests upon arrival.

How can Polo & Tweed Help?

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