Hire A Gardener For Healthy Living


Published on September 14, 2020

However big or small your outside space is, it is important to enjoy all the fresh air you can! So whether you have a busy job and should have a peaceful and calm outside space to relax. Or perhaps you have pets or kids who you like to play in the garden with. Being outside is healthy! So hire a gardener, for healthy living. A gardener will do all the maintenance and work, and you can enjoy your outside space.

So why should you hire a gardener for healthy living?


We Need Fresh Air

There are so many health benefits to getting enough fresh air in your life. It can make you feel more energised. Help improve sleep. And it can clear out your lungs making you feel more refreshed. And it can really relieve stress and improve your mental health.

There are so many more reasons why fresh air is good for you. And if you have a garden, however big or small, you should really utilise this!

Whether you have a small balcony or a large plot of land. Every bit of outside space can be utilised to boost your healthy living.

And it’s about falling in love with your outside space. For it to be so nice that you want to spend time in it. Maybe more so than indoors!

So that you, and perhaps your family, will automatically be drawn to your outside space. To get all the benefits of being in the fresh air and boost your healthy living!

Your Gardener Will Design Your Space

But it can be difficult to get started with your garden or outside space, especially if it really isn’t your passion. And that is exactly why you should hire a gardener!

A gardener is not only passionate about creating amazing, functional, and beautiful outside spaces. But they also have the knowledge and the skills to put it into practise. You will be surprised to find out what amazing things can be created in your outside space. The colour, the landscaping, the snug corners that can be created.

A gardener is so much more than someone who plants and waters flowers! They will be able to fully design your outside living space and source all the material. They will be able to put it together according to your vision. Thinking about all the practical details you might not know about. Such as what plants should go where. What material is the best to use? The most comfortable, and durable. All these questions your gardener will be able to answer. And action for you!

Your Gardener will Maintain Your Space

However, having an amazing outside space in one thing. But maintaining it is another! Do not underestimate how much work goes into keeping a garden clear, healthy, and organised. And it requires real skill and knowledge to be able to keep it up all year round.

This is again, where your gardener comes in. Let your gardener worry about the daily, weekly, or monthly maintenance of your new outside space.

Gardens, however big or small, will need different maintenance according to the season. And you don’t have to worry about this at all when you hire a gardener! Simply let them do the work, worry about what needs planting. What needs changing and updating.

So that even when you are going through the seasons, you will still have your amazing outside space to enjoy. To get all the fresh air you need to reload, reset, re-energise and really boost your healthy living!

How Can Polo & Tweed Help?

Are you ready to focus on healthy living, and start enjoying your garden again with the help from a gardener?Polo & Tweed can help! With clients and candidates all over the world, we match the best gardening professionals in the industry with the most suited roles. 

Our expert recruitment consultants have years’ of experience in the private household industry and will be able to guide you through the whole process of either hiring a new gardener or finding a new job as one. Why not contact us now to get the process started!

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