How To Make Your Butler CV Stand Out


Published on October 2, 2022

One’s Curriculum Vitae (CV) is both the spearhead that engages clients and the prism through which they view a candidate. It is an essential, finely balanced tool and understanding its natural duality of it, is paramount. As the first opportunity to present oneself to a new employer it is an often misunderstood exercise. Lacking relevant, job-specific detail, being too brief or less than optimally presented. These common pitfalls are easily stumbled into when undertaking a new CV. It can result in a CV that looks generic which can reflect poorly upon a candidate. Find out here how to make your Butler CV stand out!

Engaging an employer whilst maintaining professional succinctness is not always a straightforward task. Many view a CV as lacking the space for flair. Or that it must create a trade-off between succinct readability and fully detailed information. This, evidently is not the case as the very best CVs are thoughtfully and carefully curated to achieve both.

Finding the balance

Constructing the perfect CV is certainly a skill that, like any other, can be honed. It may require multiple rewrites, versions and rewrites again. Treading the line between being punchy yet not allowing interpretation as brash. Brevity without being viewed as lacking. And, finally, well presented without being generic, are the components that cause a CV to stand out from the crowd.


The profile or professional summary provides an opportunity to sell oneself in one’s own words. Also, for a client to infer a personality and garner a sense of the individual behind the page. As a Butler, it is important to highlight insights into your character that make you a natural candidate for the role. It can be a temptation to simply list as many “buzz words” hailing one’s excellence, as possible. Whilst underselling yourself is a cardinal sin when it comes to a CV, employers have largely become accustomed to descriptive lists of superlatives in a candidate’s profile. The classic trope of ‘show don’t tell’ remains true here and as such explaining ‘why’, can be a key differentiating factor between a good and the best CV’s. And this is really how to make your Butler CV stand out.


Whether you have decades’ worth or are starting out as a fledgling Butler, experience is a currency nonetheless. One’s experience should add weight to the claims of their profile, showing the relevant work experience, be it other Butlering roles or jobs that had a crossover in skillset. Make sure to include any other work experience that enhances your CV even if it is not directly relevant to butlering, as these roles may be what differentiates you from another candidate with similar professional Butlering experience. Butler

Alongside, be sure to note the relevant tasks that came with each job role, especially any that were unusual and highlight your competence. Broad and vague responsibilities do little to distinguish one’s skills and experiences from others. Providing specific detail is a key factor in bolstering the value of your experience.

Education and certification 

Sharing your education and relevant certifications or training, such as the Polo & Tweed Butler Training, serves to enhance your CV by adding credibility. Training and certifications compliment one’s work experience and suggest proficiency beyond ‘on-the-job learning’. Certain clients would expect at least some level of Butler training or certification upon a candidate’s CV in order to whole-heartedly consider them. Occasionally they may be familiar with the training or choose to research it for themselves and as such including it on one’s CV aids with transparency to the client.

Interests and hobbies

Incorporating interests and hobbies into a CV, allows one to express themselves. It also enables the client to connect with what drives and passions a candidate may have. In this section, you have the opportunity to present an individual flair and display humility by sharing your interests with your potential employers. As a modern Butler, you would naturally be close with the client. As you would help them with their day-to-day tasks. Including your hobbies and interests in a CV can benefit both by matching like-minded souls. 

Of course, having a more unusual interest or hobby isn’t a disadvantage. It can often become an interesting additional element to a CV. 

Are you more knowledgeable now on how to make your Butler CV stand out? If you feel that you have what it takes to become a modern professional Butler or are looking to enhance your skill set, then please get started here to begin your path to modern Butlering.


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    Elegant and prosaic whilst succinct,description of the gentleman’s role within the vocation of personal service . Thank you .

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