Etiquette Training Courses for Butlers

Published on July 13, 2017

Etiquette is a fundamental skill, both theoretically and practically, that any discerning Butler must obtain in order to progress in his or her career.  A human being makes a first impression within a few seconds of seeing, meeting or entering a location, so the way a Butler interacts and presents themselves to the highest level of precision is key to their craft.

Etiquette is not just reserved for the service industry, from CEOs through to Headmasters, from politicians through to air host(esses), the etiquette and interaction of yourself between the client is hugely important.  An experience can be destroyed by incorrect etiquette, and even worse, you can seriously insult someone.  So it is vital that you know your etiquette!

So what options exist for Butlers or those in the hospitality industry looking to obtain an Etiquette certificate?

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