Why You Need to Have a Silver Service Certificate

Silver Service

Published on July 4, 2016

Competition in the domestic service industry is fierce and sometimes it comes down to one or two certifications that make a candidate stand our among the rest.

Working in the world of domestic service can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. Competition is fierce, principals will demand the highest standard at all times and traditionally set roles are becoming blurry. Whether you are new to the industry trying to establish your name and work experience, or you have been working in the sector for years – it is vital to adapt to new times and new requirements of changing lifestyles of principals.

Although every job, every task, and every principal will be different, it is good to be prepared. Looking into ways of expanding your knowledge and skill set will impress any (new) employer. Although experience is vital and this will open many doors for you, qualifications are a great addition to your CV that will make you more versatile.

Versatility is exactly what can make the final difference between you and another candidate. And do not worry, a training course might be much more affordable, and less time consuming, than you perhaps think.

A Silver Service Certificate is a great way of adding to your already existing skillset, whilst it would not take more than a couple of days to earn this qualification. Granted, with experience comes skill. But to have that first knowledge of official Silver Service rules and conduct, in addition to practising this in different settings during a training course, will enhance your overall skill set and will make you ever the more versatile, and ever the more employable!

Here is a specific breakdown of silver service training per profession:

Yacht Crew

Have you been working on yachts already or did you just get your STCW95 qualification which enables you to work on yachts? You might want to spend just a couple of days more in training before you go into the job market, or before you start looking for a new yacht role.

Adding a Silver Service Certificate to your CV does not only make you stand out from the other candidates out there, it can also come in handy in other aspects of your job. It could open up your job role from working on smaller yachts to medium or large size yachts where either more clients will be on board, or a higher level of service will be required.


As a butler it is vital to have knowledge of, and experience in Silver Service to the highest standard. If your knowledge of the subject is slightly rusty, we highly recommend enrolling in a Silver Service course. It is vital to stay up to date with your qualifications and practice, and joining a Silver Service course will do just that.

You will be surprised how many new things you will learn by doing a refresher course. Things have changed in the world of service and new principals might require a more modern style of service – so it is vital to keep up to date with trends and keep fine tuning your skills as a butler. 

Personal Chefs

Being a personal chef is about so much more than sourcing ingredients and preparing food for your principals. As you are working in the household it is an extremely unique and personalised situation to be in – you must adhere to the standards, habits and movements of the household.

Whereas some households would prefer the Chef to very much stay in the background and not be actively part of the family life, other households have a more interactive setup. It mostly is in these situations that knowledge of silver service will be highly appreciated and will really make you shine in front of the principals.

Once they realise you will not only be able to cook the most delicious, high standard meals, but also arrange all the table settings and serve the food in the correct manner, you will be a unique and indispensable asset to them, or to any new household.


As a nanny you might have never thought of the option, or relevance of doing a Silver Service qualification. And although your main focus and priority will always be on the children, it comes back to these new multi-tasked roles that have become increasingly popular.

Many households nowadays would much rather invest (more) money in a member of staff that can be serving multiple roles, so there is one trusted person in the house taking care of several different things. If you, as their trusted childcare provider, would also be able to prepare their dinner parties, set the table and be there to serve the food and drink in an outstandingly professional manner, you will have a unique set of skills that will make you stand out, and highly valued.


At Polo & Tweed we are proud to offer Silver Service courses of the highest standard, either on a one-to-one, tailor made basis or in small groups.  If you’d like to know more about our open courses or our private courses, then please do have a look here, or drop us a line,  tell us what your needs are and we will be delighted to advise you onto your steps to becoming an advanced practitioner of Silver Service!