How Training Can Improve Your Hotel Service Quality

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Published on July 20, 2018

A comprehensive staff training program is your path to sustained success! Click To TweetTraining your staff is a vital part of keeping your Hotel running smoothy and keep the service standards high. This might seem a challenge in an industry where your staff is more than likely already working long shifts, but when implementing things in the right way this can be the key to keeping the service quality at the highest end.

Why is a Hotel Improvement Programme So Important?

Do you have a programme focused on improving your services, or a strategy? This is vital to have as it will give you key insights into where your level of service is at, what is going wrong and what can be worked on. Problems cannot be solved, and standards cannot be raised if you do not know what the occurring issues are, or what the baseline is. A programme will also give you overview, structure and step-to-step plans on where to get started with training and improvement, and how to stay on track. It can provide a motivational tool for your staff to see how things are improving and how their skill set is growing, and contributing to the business.

The Significance of Training

Training is vital to keep improving service. As mentioned above, when following an improvement plan or programme training will be very high on the list of tasks to follow. Training provides many different angles and solutions:

  • Skills Training: working closely with your staff to teach them new things, or improve existing skills. This can benefit junior members of staff to rise to an overall higher levels of performance.
  • Team Work: In any hotel large or small, team work is absolutely vital. Too often people are not working with each other, but alongside each other creating unneeded situations where mistakes are being make and visitors and clients are not being attended to properly. It is vital for teams to work together and support each other, but also for different teams to integrate and understand that they are all working together as one group towards one goal. Training can improve communication, bring clarity, bonding and develop and improve relationships.
  • Service Improvement Strategies: Trainers can observe the running of the hotel and come up with improvement plans and strategies on how to work better, more cohesively and efficiently; and for you to keep following a focus of improvement. Training can be provided to implement this, as well as for regular checks in training meetings to make sure everyone is following the same plan and is staying focused on achieving the set goals and targets.

How the Polo & Tweed Hotel Training Can Help

Polo & Tweed offers hands on, tailor made training courses and programmes especially for your needs.

We only work with the best people in the industry, ensuring that your training and courses will be of the highest possible standard. All trainers have long standing real life working experience in the industry. They will draw from past experiences and use all their skills which makes them able to understand issues that you might have missed, and implement concrete, achievable and helpful training and next steps to improve teams, functionality and service standards.

At Polo & Tweed we take our time to understand your need for training. We would not rush into providing an off the shelf training package for you – all our training is tailor made towards your hotel and situation. We understand that every team, every business and every role requires a different approach, therefore our trainers will find out exactly what the issues are you are facing, and match this with training solutions. We have a long list of specified modules we provide, and all these can be mixed and matched to create your tailor made training package solely focused on your business and your situation.

Next to this we can arrange meetings, shadowing days and surveillance bookings for us to establish and advice on how to implement an improvement programme or any level of training. Our trainers can sit with you after observance days and go through what we feel is the type of training that is needed, and create a tailor made proposal from there. We will not just leave you to it after the training – we will stay in touch for any follow up needed. We can organise return visits or regular check ups to make sure all training and changes are implemented correctly, and update staff on missed skills where needs be. All this so you do not have to worry at all, and from initial inquiry to final day you can rest assured we are keeping your hotel services at the highest possible level of quality.

We would love to hear from you if you are considering training or would like to know more about what we can offer. You can get in touch here and we look forward to speaking to you!

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