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Published on July 13, 2017

Table Management is the foundation, technical understanding and backbone of Silver Service.  Without the understanding of Table Management, it is impossible to achieve perfect Silver Service and all the service sub-forms.  The art form of Table Management is thus a strongly desired and required skill by any Butler in the domestic or corporate industry.

So what options exist for Butlers or those in the hospitality industry looking to obtain a Table Management certificate?

Research Training Options

Find out what is available by doing some research.  Use Google, talk to people and colleagues and see what you can find.  There are many training providers offering table management courses, but always ask to see photos and a list of modules to best understand what is being taught.  Weigh up the price, course length and course venue, to ensure that your budget is managed correctly.

What to Expect from the Training

Depending on the service trainer you decide to go with, the course will last for different amounts of days.  Our table management course lasts three days. We feel this is a good timeline to ensure that students have a clear grasp of all the theory and skills and have practised enough to feel confident with each module.

The practical application is key to successful training, and there should be formal assessments made of each individual student with extensive feedback from the trainer.  Areas of improvement at the end of the course should be noted in order for the student to review and develop their skills further.

Bespoke Table Management Training

If some modules that we teach have already been covered, then many House Managers or employers sending their staff to us, or us to them, will look to tailor the training.  With us, you can mix and match the modules and make them work to your specific needs.

We cover every skill required in Table Management and then develop into advanced Silver Service techniques should it be required.  Some clients might need specific table management skills taught, for example, a hotel looking to introduce afternoon tea (high tea).

Skills Learnt During Training

There are two major skills learnt during the Table Management training.  The first being the theory – the mental understanding of the practice.  The second being the practical application – the student must take what has been taught in a theoretical sense and by watching demonstrations from the trainer, implement the skills to reflect the standards.  This is not an easy task but practice makes perfect!

At the end of any training, the student is assessed with both written and practical exams, with the trainer continually monitoring the progress.

How is the Training Course Taught?

A mixture of dynamic teaching aids is used to help stimulate and guide the teacher.  Using extensive training notes, the trainer uses power point presentations to demonstrate theoretical knowledge.  The presentations provide lots of fun videos and interactive elements which mentally challenge and stimulate the student.

Next, the trainer undertakes dedicated practical application for each module.  The students are on their feet and learning how to set the table, clear the table, order of service etc.  From folding napkins to polishing silver, the practical application is repeated until perfect.

Finally, there is the possibility of scheduling field trips to some training courses as per the clients or students requirements.

The course will finish with a practical and written test to demonstrate that the student has absorbed and retained the information.

Digital Handbook

Alongside the training course itself, the students are all sent a digital handbook which is their personal copy to keep for future reference.  A ‘bible’ of information, this digital handbook can be saved on a tablet or smartphone and be at the student’s fingertips should they need it for future reference.  A valuable handbook which is cherished by course participants.

Table Management Trainers

All our trainers are experienced teachers and have worked for many years in the profession.   They draw on their own wealth of knowledge and professional background to give an interactive and fun learning experience, encouraging group discussion and debate whilst focused on developing new skills and knowledge.

Find out more

We’d love to hear from you if you are interested in learning more about our Table Management Training for Butlers.  Why not drop us a line and one of our training consultants will get back in touch with you.

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