How Hotel Butler Training Can Push Your Career Forward


Published on August 11, 2017

Within the hotel industry, a high turnover of staff can cause problems for the team.  Some may enter the hospitality industry to climb the ladder and progress quickly. Whilst others enjoy the focus of their role and look to proceed no further.

However, a high proportion of hotel worker CVs that land on our desk seems to have something in common. Approximately 60% of hotel butlers fall short in qualifications and hotel butler training.

But why is this?  Many of these hotel butlers work for high end established hotels, hotels that have in-house butler service training. Yet they still have a high turnover in staff. Meaning butlers often don’t hold positions for longer than a year.


One of the key factors to look into is the rate of pay in commercial vs domestic.  Butlers will typically be on a much higher salary in domestic placements than they will in hotels.

The Guardian wrote an article on how migrant workers are often being undervalued and taken advantage of by the larger hotel chains. This done in a way to get cheap, high hour labour forces. The issue with this is that these staff will have a high turnover.  They’ll feel jaded and undervalued and look to quickly move up the ladder or step to another company where they feel more valued.

When progressing their careers, many of these types of staff members will look to further their education by enrolling in hotel butler training. This, to help build and establish their CVs. By continuing butler service training, they are able to quickly move up the career ladder and in turn awarded better pay.

Turnover of Staff

Linked with pay, a high turnover of staff can lead to many butlers or other staff members falling short in their job applications.  An employer doesn’t want to hire a candidate who has only held short-term roles, they want to see long-term commitment on their CV.

An employer doesn't want to hire a candidate who has only held short-term roles Share on X

This is where hotel butler training can come in, giving the CV an added dimension and depth.  Perhaps a candidate has hopped from short term hotel placements, but by having additional qualifications such as silver service, or specific butler service training, the employer begins to take note.  After all, a candidate who has invested in their own personal hotel butler training will mean they are serious about the jobs they are applying for.


Mark Heymann writes a fascinating article about how one is to offset the minimum wage increase, the focus must be on productivity.  This is vastly true.  Productivity is the key for hotel butlers and staff members to succeed, flourish and grow in their roles.

Many hotel butler training operations focus on this by developing team building activities and games, dealing with problem-solving and how the individual copes with management and staff hierarchy.  This type of service training can radically improve the productivity of the team. As they feel that they’re valued and appreciated by the employer and it gives them a safe space to develop and grow in.

Butler Service Training

Butler service training can give you an extra boost and step forward in your career.  A certificate showing your commitment and investment in yourself and your future demonstrates a number of great qualities. Which many potential employers would be interested in.  Take the time to research your options and enrol on a butler service training course. Or a specific skilled course to help gain you your next promotion or dream job!

If you’d like to know more about Polo & Tweed and the Hotel Butler training we offer, for both candidates and for hotels looking to train their staff in situ, drop us a line and one our lovely consultants will get back in touch!