Is Online Training better than in-person training?

Published on August 2, 2020

Do you like online training courses? Or do you prefer in-person training? It can really depend, per course, the set up of the course but also the person’s preference. Different setups work better for different people. But is online training better than in-person training? Let’s look at the differences, similarities, and find out!

So what do you think? Is online training better than in-person training?

Set up: Online training vs in-person

For the first comparison to find out which is better. Let’s look at the different setups. In-person training will most likely be in a group setting.

Do you like working in a group? maybe you like the social aspect, and being around other people. In-person training can be a great way to meet new people and build up your network.

On the other side, online training will be something you will undertake yourself. But you might actually prefer this! Do you not like being around strangers? Perhaps you will not feel as confident. Or maybe it will distract you from trying to get in as much knowledge as you can!

So have a think about what set up you prefer. And you might already know what type of training would be best for you!

Where do you want to be

Location, location, location. That is a big difference between online and in-person training! To know which one is better depends on what works best for you.

In-person training will be held at a specific training location. It might be an amazing, impressive venue. You might get the opportunity to travel somewhere you normally would not. Because you are going to your training course. And combine it with other travel. So then this could be a really exciting option for you!

But, perhaps you do not like to travel. Or you simply do not have the time for it! Traveling to a training venue is time-consuming, and can add a lot of costs. You might have to stay overnight. You might have to take extra time off from work.

So if you have limited time, or no opportunity to take time off. Then online training might be a better option for you at the moment.

Your own, or a given timeline

A final thing that can make the decision easier for you. Is to look at what works better for you with regards to your training timeline.

Some people need deadlines, need set times, and dates to commit to training. To make sure you will actually take the course, and not get distracted by any other things. In this case, have a look at in-person training. An in-person training course will always have a pre-agreed and booked set date and time. As the trainer will have to be booked, and perhaps a venue.

However, if you like a little more flexibility in your training timeline, then online courses might offer a better option for you. With online courses, you can log in and start training whenever you want. This also means that you can take a break, and pick up the training again when you are ready. Just make sure you know for how long you can do the training for, in order to complete it. Most online training courses will give you several months. So still lots of time to be flexible around. And work with your timeline!

Conclusion – online or in-person training

It shows that there are quite a few significant differences between online and in-person training. At the end of the day, it will come down to personal preferences. Your setup, the time that you have, and are willing to spend. And the money you can invest. And perhaps, in what ways you best learn new information.

But what is the most important thing to know? Both in-person training and online training offer great training opportunities. They offer the option to learn new skills. For you to practice those skills, so you can really understand them. And for you to have the opportunity of testing those skills. Doing tests and getting feedback, completing assignments. And getting your certificate at the end of it!

Have you made your mind up? Will you pick an online training course? Or will you opt for in-person training? Either way, Polo & Tweed can help! We offer both online and in-person versions of all of our training courses. Learn from the absolute best in the industry, from the leading name is domestic and hospitality training.

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