Online Training – When You’re Not Great With Technology

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Published on September 5, 2020

Would you like to do online training but are you not the most IT literate person? Don’t worry! Online training can still be a great option for you, even when you’re not great with technology. Online training courses have developed a lot in the last couple of years. And it is a lot easier and more straight forward than you think.

Find out here why online training is still a great option, even when you’re not great with technology.

Why Online Training

If you are not the most confident person working on computers and phones, doing an online training course can sounds a little daunting. You might worry that you will not understand the setup, or how to work your way through the training course.

With our ever-changing world and technology really taking the forefront in most industries. Being able to take training and courses online is a great way to add skills and knowledge to your CV. There are so many benefits of doing online training.

It is easy, affordable, and you can do it anywhere, and at any time. You can read more about all the amazing benefits of online training here, and the differences between online and in-person training. And hopefully, the below tips and layout will give you a much better idea of what to expect from online training. And to realise how simple and accessible it is. Even if you’re not great with technology!

What You Need

So let’s first look at what you need to be able to successfully, and with ease, complete an online training course. if you have the right things in place, it will be a very smooth-sailing and low-stress experience. You might even enjoy it!

  • Laptop or Computer
    • Having a good working laptop or computer is a key element for you to be able to do an online training course. Make sure your computer is up to date. You can have someone check it to make sure it is running nice and fast, and in good working order. Some people opt for doing online training on their phone or tablet. However, if you’re not great with technology. Then it will be much easier and clearer to do the training on a laptop or computer.
  • A good internet connection
    • You will need the internet to be able to do your online training course. It is helpful if you have a good internet connection that does not break up a lot so that you will not be interrupted during your training course.
  • A Phone/Camera to record Audio & Video
    • In most online training courses, you will have to complete some tests and assignments. Some assignments might be you showing your newly learned skills (such as in Silver Service, for example!). So it is handy to have a phone with you so you can record brief audio and video clips for you to complete the assignments.

How To Prepare

  • Find a Quiet Space
    • Having a designated study area will help you a lot in completing your online training course. It means that you can work without getting interrupted. A quiet space will help you to stay focused and get through the course material easier too.
  • Schedule Breaks
    • Doing online training is different, in the way that you are fully in control of when you start and finish the course. If you would do an in-person training course, there would be plenty of breaks scheduled throughout the day. So when you do your online training course, make sure you schedule plenty of little breaks too. As it’s not healthy to look at a screen for too long without a break!
  • Make A Course Plan
    • Because you are in charge of the full schedule of the course, it is helpful to make a course plan so that you do not get overwhelmed. Schedule in several blocks of time per week – or over the course of a couple of months – for you to complete the training. Most training providers will give you up to several months to complete a course. Having a schedule is handy as it will keep you focused, and motivated too.

How Polo & Tweed Can Help

At Polo & Tweed, we have our teams of consultants ready to answer any questions you may have at any time. Over email, as well as over the phone. So if you get stuck with a module or part of the training, we will help and guide you through it. Our courses are designed to be really easy and simple in their layout. So even if you’re not great with technology, you will be able to get through them with ease!

 To find out more about what options work best for you do contact us here now and we look forward to speaking to you.

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