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Published on August 30, 2020

Are you looking to start an online training course? It will definitely be a different experience than what you might have been used to. Especially if you normally do a lot of in-person training! But with so many benefits to online training, here are some tips for successful online learning. So you can make the best of your online training course!

Set Up Well

The first tip for successful online learning is to make sure you have a good set up. Doing an online course requires focus. And if you normally get easily distracted, you might struggle to get going and find your learning flow.

So what do you need to think about set up wise for your online training course:

Create A Learning Station

Make sure you create a dedicated training/learning station. This can be a desk or even a corner of your dining table. But make sure that it is specially designated for training. So that you help your mind switch into learning, and focus mode.

The great thing about online training is that you can do it anywhere, as long as you have internet and a laptop or computer at the ready.

But that can also be a challenge. You really will not be able to focus and learn properly if you sit in your bed, scrolling through a couple of modules, for example. You will be too distracted, and not in active learning mode.

Another good thing about having a designated training/learning space is that when you are done for the day, you can physically leave that area. If you were sitting on your couch doing training, and then stop training. It will be difficult to switch off as you will be relaxing in exactly the same area! So make sure it is a separate area from where you would sleep and relax.

Test Your Internet and device

One crucial thing you will definitely need for online training is a working computer and internet connection. So an important tip for successful online learning is to make sure you have the right device and connection. Is your laptop really old and slow? Or does it work quite well?

To successfully work your way through online training, it really helps if your computer is up to speed and the ability to run the course and play the videos. It will not only slow you down but also really interfere with your study flow if your computer is not up for the task, or if your internet keeps breaking up!

Schedule Study & Break Time

To get the most out of your online training course, you have to make sure you make a schedule for yourself. If you would do an in-person course, you would follow the schedule provided. Which would include lots of breaks, as well as lunch. And a set time for you to finish for the day.

Make sure you do the same when you do an online training course! Make a mini schedule for yourself. And stick to it! To be able to stay focused, and take in all the information, you need to take enough breaks. Sitting behind your computer for too long is unhealthy, and unproductive. As you will get too tired, your eyes will get too tired and you won’t be able to take in all the information anymore.

So schedule in mini-breaks. Even if it is 10 minutes to grab a drink and walk around. And set a time for you to finish for the day too!

Set A Deadline for Completion

For you to be able to successfully complete your online training, set yourself a deadline for completion of the course. And be realistic. You might be super busy so you will need to schedule the training times over several weeks – or maybe even months!

That’s the great thing about online training, you can plan in the time yourself!

But it is good to have a goal of when you want to complete the course, to work towards. It will keep you motivated to actually go and do your online course, even when you maybe are tired or want to do something else.

Knowing that you should complete the online training before a set date will keep you focused and motivated. It will provide structure and will lead to you successfully completing the course!

How Can Polo & Tweed Help

Are you ready to enroll in some great online training courses, now you know how to be successful in online learning? Or do you still prefer in-person training? Either way, Polo & Tweed can help! We offer both online and in-person versions of all of our training courses. Learn from the absolute best in the industry, from the leading name in domestic and hospitality training.

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