Butler Education: Don’t Overlook Certifications!


Published on July 29, 2016

Aspiring Butlers: Why you need to consider a certification

Being a butler truly is one of the most exciting jobs there is. No day is the same, you can follow your passions and there are few other careers that can make progression and growth in the way a butler job can take off.

Butlers who have gained the trust of their principals can travel the world with them – visiting, living and working in the most exciting places, meeting wonderful people and gaining one of a kind, exclusive work experiences.

But how do you get to this level in such a fiercely competitive industry?

Getting to this level in the butler industry is not easy. You need to be dedicated, willing to work hard, do long hours and be committed to your principals. But the rewards can be plentiful and extraordinary.

As with many professions, it is difficult getting the first job in when there is little or no experience in the area. To be more competitive, you’ll need to focus on specific skills and qualifications, and work toward your butler education.  

Finding your skills and passion as a butler

Firstly, it’s important to find out if the butler industry indeed is right for you. If you’re going to go down this career path you should make sure it’s something you really want to do. 

A great way of discovering if the butlering industry is right for you, is participating in a training or obtaining a butler certification through a training course. This will give you a taste for being a butler and it’s a critical first step toward landing your first position.

There is no need to apply for a highly expensive, lengthy and intense training courses. 

There are wonderful, compact and complete smaller butler training courses that will not break the bank, but will still give you an excellent insight on what you can expect as part of being a butler.

Another option to get your feet wet is to try a specific module of butler training. One of the fundamental skills taught to butlers is Silver Service training. A silver service course normally should not be longer than a couple of days or a weekend, making it easier to attain with a full schedule.

One of the biggest benefits of a training course is interacting with experienced butlers. This will give you an opportunity to pick the brain of real butlers and get a clear perspective on the profession.

Standing out from competition

As with any industry, there will be plenty of competition and it is vital to stand out from the crowd.

Especially if you don’t have a lot of relevant experience on your CV yet, it can sometimes feel like a challenging task to make clients and new principals notice your CV and invite you for that vital interview. Having a certification on your CV will make you stand out immediately.

A butler certificate shows clients that you have obtained a certain level of skill and have a qualified level of knowledge, which some other candidates might not have. Most importantly though, it shows that you are taking your career and your potential career progressions seriously.

Investing time and money in developing your skills shows that you are committed, dedicated, eager to learn and always looking to become a better version of yourself, which is personality trait recruiters and principals always look for.


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