Regular Hotel Training: Why Consistency is the Key for Success


Published on July 22, 2018

Consistent training will set up any staff for long term success! Click To TweetIn any line of work, training your staff or team is extremely important. It helps increase skills, encourages team building, troubleshoots and irons out any existing issues, and generally makes staff feel appreciated when they are being invested in, in this case in the form of training.

With many different training options to choose from, it is vital you pick the most suited one for your team and hotel so that the budget spent on training will be an investment that will lead to you standing out more from the competition and running a successful and growing hotel business.

Be Effective in Training: Repeat

All will agree that training – when executed well and properly prepared and matched to the needs of the students will be a worthy investment for your team and the running of your hotel. However the real key to success and effectiveness in training is to have this repeated regularly. Whether this is once a month, or once a year – or anything in between – it is important not just to do a one off training.

One off training could be effective to sort one specific issue, but regular training is important for a number of reasons.

  1. Practise makes perfect: Skills are learnt and remembered by regular practise. When a training is booked in on a regular basis you can be sure that the skills the team are learning will stay fresh in their mind, and it will also give your staff more opportunities to go over things they might not have been too sure about in the first round of training.
  2. Mistakes can be made: The training room is a very safe environment where our trainers actually encourage people to make mistakes. After all, they will be doing long hours in pressurised environments where no one can afford anyone to make a mistake. This often leads to staff sticking to what they know, rather than implementing the newly learnt skills at the first training round. By having regular training days, they can go over all these new skills in a safe place, and do everything wrong as many times as needs be, so that all will go right on the actual hotel floor in front of visitors and customers.
  3. Progress tracker: Regular training gives you as a manager the perfect opportunity to keep track on your staff’s development and skills, without it constantly feeling like a test for them. It gives great insight into how people are adapting to change, picking up new skills and working within their team, just to name a few. Without regular training dates like this it can be extremely challenging to know how things are developing and if issues are improving at all.
  4. Modify/change of needs: A regular training gives, following from the above point, the perfect opportunity for evaluation. You can track to see how certain types of training have had its effect, and you can modify, strip back or change training for the next session. There might be a deeper underlying issue that has become uncovered that will require much more time, and a whole training session should be dedicated on this. If you only have a one off training booking, chances are you will not be able to identify any bigger issues or modify things accordingly.

How is the Polo & Tweed Training Programme Different

At Polo & Tweed we offer unique training packages where our trainers are not just with you for a flying one off visit, they are committed to you and your team for the long run.

Tailor Made Training

We offer extensive, tailor made packages focused exactly to your hotel and its different teams. Just like no hotel is the same, we also understand that every team and individual is different and different approaches and styles of training might be required. Our training would start with an extensive consultation phase which will allow for our trainer to understand your hotel and teams, the issues and areas of improvement that can be made. Effective training comes from identifying issues and knowing exactly what skills need to be taught. As a manager this can sometimes be challenging to identify, so our highly experienced trainers will be able to create a programme for you that will contain a timeline, schedule, teaching outcomes as well as a detailed teaching/module overview.

Return Visits / Regular Training

Once the training needs are identified and the training is set up, it is crucial to get regular training dates scheduled in. Depending on the setup, our training might advice – or you might require – a monthly training day. However this can completely vary per business and can be as regular as a weekly check-in, to a set annual training booking. The key here is the regularity in booking. As described above, there are many benefits to regular bookings which can make a real difference to the level of skill in your staff members, but also their motivation and happiness. And a happy team is a successful one!

We Know the Industry

All our trainers come from the industry and have extensive experience in and knowledge of hospitality and hotels. They are not reading from a manual or set handbook, they have been in your position and your staff members’ positions so they can relate to them, and have an instant understanding of potential underlying issues that need to be addressed, as well as grasping opportunities for your hotel to stand out from the competition.

If you would like to know more about all our different hotel training options, please contact us here and we look forward to helping you further!


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