How To Improve Front of House Presentation


Published on February 2, 2017

When running a hotel, the front of house staff are the first ones to interact with guests.  It could be argued that this makes front of house staff the most important in the entire hotel.  People make their first impression of a place, person or environment within just a few seconds.

For a hotel, these first few seconds are vital in ensuring an excellent first impression is made. There are various ways to improve front of house presentation in hotels, including staff training, workshops and courses. Here are our suggestions on how to improve your front of house presentation.

Cultural Awareness

One of the easiest ways you can improve front of house presentation is to train your staff. This can include the etiquette of cultural interactions and awareness. In a busy hotel, restaurant, private members club, or any other setting where front of house staff are required.  It is likely that the staff will regularly interact with a wide range of clients and guests and will need these skills.

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By training your front of house staff to understand differences in culture, read subtle signals and signs and respond accordingly, you will automatically improve the front of house presentation and skills.


It’s important to establish a correct protocol for your front of house staff’s appearance. This can be challenging if you have a long-standing colleague who doesn’t want to change with the times. It may be a hard conversation, but it’s important to discuss appearance discretely and professionally with all staff.

Your front of house staff’s appearance is very important for a good first impression, and it may be best to offer training on this. By bringing in an external trainer, you can allow for staff to be kept informed, wihtout the need for difficult conversations.

Time keeping

For some members of staff, the concept of time keeping comes naturally.  For others it is less natural, and this is where training can be the key to improve front of house presentation.

Good timekeeping will enable your staff to arrive for work on time and manage guest requests as needed. Timekeeping training will also explain how culture may link to this area.

Good timekeeping will both improve front of house presentation and increase client satisfaction.

Unique Selling Point

Each brand, company or corporation will have a unique selling point (USP) and a clear concept as to to the service they offer.  From a luxury hotel through to 5* island villa complexes, and legal offices through to Michelin star restaurants, each brand will want to be represented in a unique fashion.

Your front of house staff play an integral role in demonstrating the overall brand values and USP.  Without the staff’s actions aligning with your core values, the USP of a brand will not be communicated.

Front of house training will allow you to work closely with your staff to teach them your company’s core values. This will enable them to represent the brand appropriately and improve front of house presentation.

Front of house presentation and staff play an integral role in the success or failure of any brand.  At Polo & Tweed, our trainers regularly help develop and expand the range of front of house staff skills, and create bespoke and tailor-made packages.

Why not get in touch with us today and see how we can help improve your front of house presentation?

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