The Different Types Of Training Offered By Polo & Tweed


Published on October 7, 2019

Polo & Tweed offer bespoke training specifically designed to fit your own needs, whether you are a principal with a household, an individual looking to advance, a boutique hotel, yacht or air crew. As needs differ so do the solutions we offer, along with the types of training. Below we go into a little more detail so that you can consider what might work for you generally and the areas we can offer training in.

We are here to make climbing those mountains easy and for you to excel at what you do, be the best.

So what different types of training do we offer – and what is suitable for you?

Group Training

Our group training brings together a small group of like minded people to undertake training together. Polo & Tweed run regular courses in UK throughout the year at our training venue which are open to all students to join. These courses cover a complete syllabus, whether you are new to the subject or more experienced, looking to brush up your skills or keep up to date in the industry. We believe that you need an opportunity to practice the skills you are learning, be that serving wine, greeting guest or cleaning bathrooms, our training is a mix of both theory and practical. Group courses are a very popular choice and we do find get booked quickly.

We offer group courses in

  • Silver Service
  • House & Yacht Management
  • Housekeeping

Private Tailor Made Group Training

For employers looking to train a number of staff at the same time be that household staff, hotel staff, yacht crew, hospitality or air crew we offer private tailor made group training. Polo & Tweed will work with you to understand your needs and provide solutions.

Sometimes it isn’t always clear to the person managing the situation where an issue lies but can see the results, we can offer an observation day where we can come in to the organisation or home, observe and then present possible solutions. Creating the training around the agreed established needs.

Our highly skilled trainers will deliver specialist training to your group or groups working with your needs in mind so that your staff have the skills they need to excel.

Dependant on your requirements group training can be carried out in situ or at our training venue.

The Power of In Situ Training

When a client comes to us and asks about training we always recommend in situ training where ever possible. Training in the environment  a student will be in everyday, ensures the highest level of learning and understanding. Working with the tools and items the student has at their disposal. Putting into practice straight away the skills they are learning and how they apply to them directly.

  • Private households
  • Boutique Hotels
  • Yachts
  • Air Craft

Our trainers travel around the would providing tailor made training solutions taught in situ.

One to One Personalised Training

Personalised training working one to one with a trainer means the course can be tailored to your specific needs. We can adjust to your own needs, perhaps you have a need to improve in a particular area rather than under take a full course. Our training specialists will talk with you to understand what you are looking to achieve and where your needs lie so that the training matches those needs.

One to one training can take place at your chosen location, our trainer can travel to work with you in situ. Our own training venue is available for use should you prefer.

Online Training

For those based outside of the UK who are unable to fly in to join our training, they may consider online training. We offer one to one online training with our trainer following your own personalised training program. The student joins the trainer online via video conferencing software and then together work their way through the training. This one to one support provides the student with the same opportunity to ask questions and see skills in action.

Areas of Training Expertise

Polo & Tweed have highly experienced trainers, with a wealth of knowledge and skills offering training in the following areas how ever you choose to undertake training with us.

The team at Polo & Tweed are here to help and to find solutions that work for you. Let us know what improvements you would like to see in your staff and we will develop a curriculum to meet your goals, matching the type of training to your needs.

We would love to speak with you further to work out how best we can help with your training needs so do call on +44(0)203 858 0233 or get in touch here. Whether you are an individual looking to advance or an organisation looking for support we are here to help.

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