Advantages of In Situ Training

Published on June 23, 2016

Advantages of Private ‘In-Situ’ Domestic Staff Training

In this week’s quick clip, Lucy covers the advantages of on site private training sessions. In situ training is one of the most effective training strategies for domestic staff since almost all of the work is hands on and is best learned through direct instruction and practice.


What are the advantages of private on site domestic staff training?

There are several advantages to having a trainer come to your home, mansion, yacht, or jet for on site training of your domestic help. The biggest advantage is that your staff will be learning in the same environment they work which tailors the details to their specific environment and helps them retain all of their new skills. Candidates will be working with their own silver service, their own hoovers, their own service wear, and all in their own kitchen and dining room. They are in their own facilities.

When in their actual place of work, domestic helpers can be much more relaxed, allowing them to focus more on learning and retaining. Being comfortable allows candidates to ask questions that in other settings they may be shy or embarrassed to ask. It’s more common for candidates to ask questions in on site training sessions and this deeper engagement translates to a better learning experience and increased confidence in their new skills.

When domestic staff training is conducted on site, trainers build and nourish the skills of candidates as they apply to specific situations. Staff can learn exactly how to apply their new skills to their daily routine and the preferences of their principal.

A comfortable and familiar training environment is essential and allowing a candidate to learn with their own tools and ask questions specific to their place of work makes for the most beneficial use of everyone’s time.

If you have more questions about training, or if you’re interested in an on site training session with Polo & Tweed, you can reach out to us on our contact page. We are here to help!

Advantages of In Situ Training (Domestic Staff)
Advantages of In Situ Training (Domestic Staff)

In situ training is one of the most effective training strategies for domestic staff. Learn about the benefits in this short video clip from CEO of Polo & Tweed.


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    Dear Sir or Madam I would like to enquire about silver service prices and upcoming courses,thank you
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    • mm LucyChallenger says:

      Thank you Maria. You can read more about our Silver Service courses, costs and dates here. I’ll also drop you an email to you personally and we can arrange to speak on the phone to discuss more options 🙂

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