All About English Silver Service


Published on October 11, 2016

English Service is an informal form of Silver Service.  It is a friendly and warm service, with the host playing a role in the service.

So what is English service and does it originate from England as the name might suggest?

What is English Silver Service?

English Service is a form of Silver Service.  It is a much more informal style of service compared to other styles like French or Russian, but works closely with the etiquette and understanding of Silver Service practices.

English Style service (also known as family service) is a great way of bringing everyone together.  It can be considered to be closely linked with Butler service.  It is a fabulous choice for special events or when your guests require this level of interaction from the host.

Style & Approach

  1. The food is plated and brought to the host who then passes it along the table to the guests.
  2. It requires a great deal of showmanship and demonstration for your guests and a great deal of pressure falls on the host (who may enjoy this!).
  3. It is quicker than Russian service
  4. The host plays an essential role and will often carve meat at the table, passing served plates to the guest of honour first.  
  5. The first course is typically served on the table as guests enter the dining room.
  6. All sauces, side dishes and vegetables are served on the table and the guests pass them amongst themselves.
  7. The server pours water and places butter on the table.  Bread is optional.
  8. Soup is served by the server in individual bowls or again by the host who then passes to the guests.
  9. No one should begin to eat until the host has served themselves.
  10. Soiled dishes should be cleared and placed on a side table or removed to the kitchen as the guest finishes.

Learning English Service

The art form of English Silver Service is taught and learnt by working in 5* establishments and other private homes and yachts which encourage this service for specific meals and events.  However if you are interested in learning the art form, you can enroll in our Silver Service training course – English Service is a lovely module and students gain a great deal of knowledge accompanied by hands on experience during the course.  If you’d like to know more or book, just get in touch.

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