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Published on July 13, 2017

The concierge department of any hotel plays a valued and important role in guest and client satisfaction.  In smaller hotels, the front of house can combine the role with the concierge, and in larger hotels, they are separate roles.  If a hotel offers private Butler service, then the Butler may undertake the role of concierge services on a personal and private level for each guest.

As a Butler, when looking for Concierge training, what options are out there and what can one expect?

Research Training Options

Concierge training for Butlers is a niche training course.  The target and focus of the course will be dealing with high-end clients and guests.  Typically found in high-end hotels, the nature of the Concierge is specific to the upper end of the market.  Therefore you should look for training providers who are a specialist in this area.

What to Expect from the Training

Courses for Concierge skills can enormously vary in length. You will probably find courses ranging from several hours to several days.  Our Polo & Tweed concierge training for Butlers is always adapted and moulded to the exact requirements and needs of the venue, client or individual.

During the training, we work on a combination of both theory and the practical application of the learning material. The course will start with an overview of the theory to gain an understanding of the history, rules and practices. Practical will follow to fully understand and implement the theory and we go through mock situations to learn and fine tune skills. The trainer will be hands-on with examples, sharing from experience and giving structural feedback.

The course will conclude with formal assessments, which will be followed up with feedback from the trainer for the students to learn and improve from.

Bespoke Concierge Training

Many House Managers, Hotels or employers sending their staff to us, or us to them, will look to tailor make the training.  Our trainers can be extremely flexible and accommodate exactly to your needs. We cover every skill relevant for Concierge roles, including welcoming and greeting guests, personal presentation, etiquette, cultural understanding, communication, IT/Admin, teamwork, team management, dealing with problems, making reservations and dealing with client requests.

Some clients might need specific front of house training as appropriate to their venue. Perhaps the hotel is opening a high-end property in the Middle East and require their staff trained in Middle Eastern customs.  The staff can be taught the correct etiquette and form required for this.

Skills Learnt During Training

During Concierge training, there are two major skills taught and learnt. Firstly, there is the theory, history and background of the skills. This will give a clear overview of tasks, reminder points and reasons why things are done a certain way.

The second is the practical application. Talking and reading about the subject alone simply will not do. In our courses, we create plenty of time for the student to practically apply the newly learnt skills and methods. The trainer will be there every step of the way, making sure that the highest standards are being met and wrong habits can be corrected.

At the end of any training, the student has to undertake both a written and practical exam to monitor progress and make sure the right level of knowledge has been passed over.

How is the Training Course Taught?

During training courses, it is important to find the right balance between studying, learning and understand the theory, as well as keeping it a fun and stimulating working environment. The trainers will use a mixture of different training aids such as videos, props and interactive tasks. Props are used to simulate real life situations that can occur in the concierge industry.

Every course offers optional field trips which can be added to or run alongside the training as per the clients or students requirements.

The course will finish with a practical and written test to demonstrate that the student has absorbed and retained the information.

Digital Handbook

The students will be given a digital handbook which contains all of the theory covered during the course. The handbook is sent out before the course which will give students the opportunity to prepare for the training.

As this is a digital handbook, it is extremely easy to use and keep on any laptop, tablet or smartphone. Students will use the handbook interactively during the course, and it serves as a great form of reference afterwards. Students can revisit modules and situations covered during the course, to be reminded of the correct rules and situations.

Concierge Course Trainers

All the Polo & Tweed trainers are considered the best in their field. They bring expert knowledge on the subjects from previous training experience, as well as actively serving the roles for many years in different establishments, providing nothing less than a 7* service.

They bring their professionalism, as well as their teaching experience to the course, offering a personable, friendly and stimulating learning experience open to all.

Find out more

We’d love to hear from you if you are interested in learning more about our Concierge Training for Butlers.  Why not drop us a line and one of our training consultants will get back in touch with you.


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