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Published on July 13, 2017

Management of staff is key.  From every large household which employs a number of staff members through to hotels and corporate hospitality.  The staff must be able to follow, lead, take direction and manage staff around them.  Their level of seniority will affect the number of management responsibilities they have.

In a private home, the Butler will often undertake a senior management role.  Similarly, in high-end hotels, the Butler or Head Butler will be expected to manage staff, ensuring schedules and routines are followed correctly.

So what options are out there for Butlers or those in the hospitality industry looking to obtain a Staff Management certificate?

Research Training Options

Start off by doing research into different types of training options. Doing Staff Management training for Butlers will be quite a specific course or course request.  The target of the course will be dealing with high-end clients and guests, working in high-end hotels and luxury private homes.  When researching training options, look for training providers who can create or provide a specific training course for your situation, background and requirements.

What to Expect from the Training

Courses can vary enormously in length. Duration will depend on whether it is a group course or one to one training. Ask the training providers for more information and a breakdown of modules taught.

Our Polo & Tweed staff management training for Butlers is adapted and set up as per the specific needs of the client, individual or venue.

In our training, we always start the course by introducing the theoretical knowledge of the subject.  Secondly, but equally as important, is the practical application of the material and modules. The combination of both understanding the theory and spending time applying this in practice is key to successful training.

With any training you choose to undertake, make sure there are formal assessments made of each individual student, and the option of receiving extensive feedback from the trainer. This can help the student to review and develop their skills further after completion of the course – as the real learning will start afterwards!

Bespoke Staff Management Training

Creating tailor made training courses happens very regularly, especially when people have specific training requests. Many House Managers, Hotels or employers who send their staff to us, or us to them for training, will look to have a custom made training course created for them. We can be completely flexible in creating training courses and our team and knowledgeable trainers are more than happy to create the perfectly fitted training for your exact needs.

In a tailor made training course you can mix and match any modules and make them work to your specific needs.  We cover every skill required in staff management including teamwork, problem-solving, communication, health and safety, staff hierarchy, hiring and firing.

Some clients might need specific staff management training as per the requirements or suitability of their venue. From a private estate through to a high-end hotel, staff management is a vital skill which could either make or break the property or brand.

Skills Learnt During Training

However varied Staff Management training may be, there will always be a combination of theory and practice.  Looking at the theory first, this is a vital component of learning any new skill. It gives the students greater understanding of history, background, a sense of structure, and also reasoning why things are done a certain way.

Secondly, there is the practical application of the newly learnt skills.  The course will be active and the trainer will show real life examples which students will try to copy and follow afterwards, while the trainer guides and corrects them where needed.

At the end of any training, students will be presented with a written and practical exam to complete, and if passed, a certificate will be rewarded for successful completion.

How is the Training Course Taught?

Every training provided by Polo & Tweed is highly interactive. The trainer has access to several different training props and techniques to keep the training interesting and stimulating.

Whilst following a structured teaching plan to make sure all learning outcomes are being met, there is the use of the digital handbook, a large selection of props, videos and a power point presentation to provide an overview of the modules.

The students are on their feet while working through a range of scenarios and exercises to help practice and implement the theory taught, while the trainer will be carefully observing and correcting their every move.

The course will finish with a practical and written test to demonstrate that the student has absorbed and retained the information.

Digital Handbook

All students are provided with a digital handbook before the start of the course. This handbook consists of all the modules that will be discussed and taught. It serves as a guideline and a reference for students to use after completion of the course. This digital handbook can be saved on a tablet or smartphone so be at the student’s fingertips should they need it for future reference.

Staff Management Course Trainers

All our trainers are highly experienced and considered to be the best in their specific sector and specialism. They come with years and years of hands-on experience in the highest end roles and are competent teachers of their knowledge and skills.

They draw on previous experiences to stimulate, excite and teach students and are extremely hands on when it comes to support, understanding every individual student’s needs. Our trainers are great at creating a fun, pleasant group environment where learning is stimulated in a positive way.

Find out more

We’d love to hear from you if you are interested in learning more about our Staff Management Training for Butlers.  Why not drop us a line and one of our training consultants will get back in touch with you.

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