Why Learn House Management?

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Published on May 8, 2018

Investing in training is always and excellent and extremely efficient way of building up a stronger CV, get higher up in the household you are working for, or get a salary increase.

Have you thought about doing training for House Management? It might seem completely irrelevant, or unsuited for you – but it might be much more fitted for you than you think.  So who could a House Management training be suitable for?


You might be very happy being a housekeeper – which is great, as it is a great and very rewarding job to have. But did you know that many House Managers started as housekeepers? A great House Manager is someone who knows and understands all facets of running the household. Many people assume that a House Manager is just supposed to be a person who can be in charge of people and organise stuff. Which, of course party is what they will do. But most importantly, a House Manager is the final person responsible in front of the Principals or the family. Therefore they will be managing the (team of) housekeeper(s), and that is much more than just making rota’s and organising salary payments. A great House Manager will have to know all the ins and outs of housekeeping, from how to organise the cleaning schedule, to how to operate the washing machine, and how to remove difficult stains out of a velvet couch. Because, simply, if they do not know how to do all of this – they cannot make sure the housekeeper(s) are actually doing the correct job, and keeping up to scratch!

Moving from housekeeping to house management is a very natural career progression – even if you never have done any management or business. Doing a House Management Training course is in these cases a perfect idea. It will give you a very clear overview and understanding of the role, will teach you the things that you might not feel too comfortable or familiar with just yet, and give you the confidence to apply for that career progression.


If you have been a nanny in a private household, chances are you have already been either in touch with the house manager, or you might not realised you have been doing some tasks already. As a nanny, being responsible for the child or children in the household, brings a lot of organisation. You will have to be extremely structured and on top of things whether the children you are caring for are newborns, or teenagers. Running the children’s lives is a very large part of running the full family household – and you will not be far off from being able to do that too! Taking a specific training course will just beable to instil that confidence in knowing what it takes to manage everything else, besides the children in the house. Some nanny’s are even known to party do House Management tasks for the family they work for, besides the childcare. And especially as the children get older, start going to nursery or school, you can present your new found and qualified skills to your family and make yourself indispensable for them yet again!


Being a PA is very similar to being a House Manager. Some families sometimes do not even realise they actually have a house manager as their PA has been taking over so many Management tasks already. However, it is good to know the differences between PA tasks and House Management – as the latter can be much more all encompassing. Doing a House Management training course will broaden your view and show you how your already relevant PA skills can be focused towards House Management – making you much more prepared and relevant for a potential new position.

Non-Domestic Managers/HR professionals

You might have been working in the corporate industry very far removed from domestic/private household service and wanted to know ‘what it could be like’. Or you might have been working in the hotel or other hospitality sectors and have exactly the same feelings. Your skills and capabilities are likely to overlap and suitable to be applicable for domestic household work, but to show yourself of relevance during interviews it will be vital to have some sort of training or qualification on your CV. it firstly shows that you have a certain level of knowledge, newfound skills and understanding of the job you are applying for, but also that you are committed to investing in this new career!

At Polo & Tweed we run regular House and Yacht Management training courses open to all backgrounds, skills and abilities. Why not get in touch here to find out more and get yourself booked in!



  1. Gerlinde Grunt says:

    Hi, I would like to express my interest for this course. What is the cost?

    • mm LucyChallenger says:

      Fantastic! We would love you to join us! Our House Management group training costs £600 for the two full days, this includes lunch, refreshments and the all important certificate at the end of the two days.

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