Maternity Nurse of the Month – Nicola Herman

Published on January 15, 2018

Nicola Herman is a maternity nurse developing her specialism in assisting families with multiple births. Helping those with more than one addition to the family, supporting and teaching the family through what can seem like a very daunting time. Nicola very kindly spoke to us about her career and how a maternity nurse can help a family.

Full Name: Nicola Herman

Age: 50

Location: London

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Being An Elite Maternity Nurse With Anne Saunders

Published on January 11, 2018

Name: Anne Saunders

Age: 45

Location: Based in Hong Kong and work overseas every 2 or 3 years.

Profession: I am a Maternity Nurse.

Why did you enter the profession?

I started to work as a nanny in Hong Kong for a French family after leaving university.  The job was going to involve travel and I thought it would be nice to follow a family, travel around and be paid to look after the 2 children.

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Hypnobirthing – The Complete Guide

Published on January 10, 2018

First off congratulations on your wonderful news! You are now faced with a crazy amount of options and choices as a ‘mum to be’ and this can either be really exciting or just too much hassle.  Every mum to be is different in their approach to childbirth, and Alexandra Rose, founder of The Mothership LTD shares her top tips in this fantastic guide.

Alexandra will cover some main questions you might have about Hypnobirthing including:

  1. This is of interest to you
  2. You can then do your own research after reading this article
  3. Or you can cross it off your list and have one thing less to worry about.

Alexandra teaches the KG Hypnobirthing Method and was taught by Katherine Graves herself.

So what is hypnobirthing?

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Sarah Dixon – Founder of the Maternity Nurse Association

Published on December 11, 2017

Full Name: Sarah Dixon

Location: Worldwide

Profession: Founder of the Maternity Nurse Association

Why did you decide to enter your profession?

I was working as a nanny in Saudi Arabia and admired the maternity nurse who was working with the sibling.

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Being An Elite Maternity Nurse With Marion Sladek

Published on December 9, 2017

Full Name: Marion Sladek

Age: 46 years old

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Profession: Elite Maternity nurse

Why did you decide to become a Maternity Nurse?

I entered my profession because I love children and enjoy working with them. That’s why I first became a nanny.

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How To Find the Best Maternity Care in London

Published on December 1, 2017

Finding the best maternity care can seem daunting, there is a multitude of options available. I think the key here is to remember that the “best” maternity care is the care that is right for you. Every birth, as is every woman, is different. What is right for one woman is not always right for another. Circumstances and situations change and what worked previously may not be right this time.

So here are some things you might like to think about when planning for such a precious and special event.

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Finding The Best Private Maternity Care In London

Published on November 29, 2017

Whether you are planning your family or have already started on your journey to parenthood, your maternity care is important. Both mother and baby will need care from the start of the pregnancy right through to post delivery. Finding the right maternity care for you will ensure that you feel confident and relaxed about the birth, meaning you can enjoy such an amazing life event as welcoming your new arrival.

London has the majority of private hospitals and wards offering maternity care in the UK. As everyone is different, so are the options available to you when planning your birth. Broadly speaking, care will fall into two main groups – for those not at risk of complications, there is the option of either midwife-led care or consultant-led care. Those who are at risk of complications may only be able to have consultant-led care.

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How To: Get your baby to sleep through the night

Published on November 10, 2017

How to get your baby to sleep through the night? It’s a question that most if not every parent will ask at some point in their child’s life. My name is Alexandra Eleftheriou and I am Sleep Support Worker, Maternity Nurse, Private Nanny and founder of The Mothership Ltd. I have worked with numerous amounts of parents internationally to get this very popular question answered.

Here are a few of my top tips to help your little one sleep through the night:

Sleeping Environment

We have a tendency to over complicate a baby’s sleeping environment and sometimes pretty features do more harm than good. Make sure that your baby’s sleeping environment is simple, no heavy bedding, not too many toys or books (if not any in the bed, bar a comforter as these can over stimulate children, they would rather play than sleep). Your baby’s mattress should be firm and have no wear and tear.  I always advise a new mattress for each child.

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Dawn Grey Professional Maternity Nurse – Inspiring and Supporting families

Published on September 16, 2017

Full Name: Dawn Grey

Age: 51

Location: Worcestershire

How did you decide to become a career maternity nurse? I was working as a nanny through an agency who also supplied maternity nurses. A very tricky night job came through with a poorly baby who had just been discharged from hospital. He had severe renal complications and needed oxygen and medication throughout the night and his parents were exhausted and unable to do it. The agency asked me because of my calm nature and said I would be perfect for the role! So it started from there really almost 18 years ago and I haven’t looked back!

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The Complete Guide to Having a Maternity Nurse at Home

Published on August 21, 2017

Congratulations! As you are reading this article I presume you or your nearest and dearest are about to become a parent. This is a super special time and a little specialist maternity care can go along way to making it really enjoyable. In this post, we are going to give you a quick guide to the whole process of finding the perfect Maternity Nurse at home for the family.

Maternity Nurses are specialists in newborn care, they will help both parents and baby in the first few months. They are a fountain of maternity care knowledge and make the transition to parenthood an enjoyable and precious time. Whether it is your first baby or baby number four, having a Maternity Nurse at home can help you settle into a routine with the baby and cater for your individual needs.

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