Career Progression – how to get a salary increase?

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Published on April 9, 2018

You will spend most of your adult life at work, so liking what you do is extremely important. Feeling comfortable in the household or corporate environment, enjoying your day to day tasks, and getting on well with colleagues can all be a part of this. However, realistically, are you going to enjoy every moment of your job, and will you be jumping for joy every morning to get up? Probably not. And that is ok, considering you work for another very important reason: Money. Salary can be extremely important for a number of reasons. So then ask yourself, do you know how to get a salary increase?

Whether you have a family to provide for, or you are saving up for the day that you can buy a house, or simply needing money to pay your bills: a good, fair salary is important. And whether you are on minimum wage or earning above the national average, a salary increase can help you stay motivated. It can also help you work hard, and create more possibilities for the life you like to live!

There are several different ways you could potentially get a salary increase. Remember at the end of the day it is up to the employer to decide. But there definitely are steps you can take that can lead in the right direction.

Experience and time of employment

This is relevant if you have been in the same role for at least 1 year. It might seem logical that when you gain more experience, a salary increase will happen. However, it is not necessarily something an employer would immediately do from its own initiative. And it is also good for you to become aware of the progress you are making you your job. In the UK employers are not legally obliged to give a salary increase. So if you are going to ask for one is important to make a good case in arguing why you feel you deserve it. Having worked at one location for a long time can definitely be a reason. This can be because you have shown commitment, longevity, and loyalty. Which could be rewarded!

Also have a look at your experience and skills when you just started your role, in comparison to what you are doing now. Have you become better at things, quicker, and perhaps able to do more in a shorter space of time? Or are the principals relying upon you more? These are all very important qualities to mention to your employer and reasons to get you a salary increase. Also, remember these things when you start a new job to stay motivated and work towards long term commitment. As it might well be rewarded!

Training & education

Gaining new skills, expanding your existing skills, and increasing your knowledge is going to be very beneficial for any employer. Whether it will simply give you more confidence in your job, or if it means you are going to be able to take on more or new tasks. It will always be a worthy addition to your role and CV.

Depending on the type of job you have, you might fall into a higher pay grade based on your level of education. But it can also make a difference whilst you are on the job. Just think of all the extra practical skills you might learn and would be able to implement on the job. As well as the cost savings you could make for your employer. As they would not have to outsource or hire extra staff to do a job that now you can do!

Change role

Simply put, different roles have different pay grades. You might never have considered taking on a different role within the household or company you are with now. But you might be surprised how different salaries can be for different roles. You can think of the possibilities of moving up, getting a role where you might be managing (more) people. Or have more responsibilities. But sometimes also moving to a different role, rather than a higher up role, can make a difference in salary.

Have a think about what type of role you could see yourself do within the company or household. Perhaps you have developed much more knowledge and many more skills than when you started. Or perhaps your interest has changed. Have a chat with HR or your manager about the possibilities and besides a potential salary increase. It might also give you a newfound motivation for your work.

Change employer

Firstly, the saying ‘the grass isn’t greener on the other side’ is so regularly used because there is truth in it! It is very tempting to think that by changing jobs, households, or companies everything will be better, and all the things you dislike about your job now will not be there. It is very difficult to get a clear view of what a job is actually like, by looking in from the outside. The only way of knowing something is for you, is to simply try, which can bring risks of disappointment! So if you are starting to look for a new job, make sure you have done your research.

If a salary increase is your main reason, ask yourself first why there was no possibility to get a salary increase in your current role. There might be completely valid reasons for this though. For example, the company or household might be small and not able to stretch their budgets. In this case, it might be worth looking at a larger setup. Because there, together with a larger budget, there might also be possibilities for more growth. And this, as we mentioned above, can also lead to salary increases! Before you jump ship of your current role though, make sure you have looked at all the options and make a pro/con list if reasons t stay and to leave. Yes, a salary increase can be a great thing but truly the most important thing is you feeling happy in and passionate about your job. Because only that way you will truly be successful!

How can Polo & Tweed Help?

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