Being An Elite Maternity Nurse With Marion Sladek


Published on December 9, 2017

Full Name: Marion Sladek

Age: 46 years old

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Profession: Elite Maternity nurse

Why did you decide to become a Maternity Nurse?

I entered my profession because I love children and enjoy working with them. That’s why I first became a nanny.

Did you have any qualifications or training in this area to begin with?

I did not have any childcare qualifications at first but got my jobs with good references from each past employer. I got my first mothers help post straight from school and then a baby nanny job after that and never looked back.

What were the challenges you faced at the start or during your career?

I would say at the start everything seemed very natural and easy and my employers would often say ” I was a natural baby carer”.  It was later on when things became a bit more stressful as the position became more formal and expectations were more on my etiquette etc rather than my care of babies.

What are families in London looking for in an Elite Maternity Nurse?

Families are looking for a professional and some seem to want to really mix the role e.g baby nanny/ governess especially with Russian families.

What skills are unique to you and your profession?

I think it is a real skill to be able to fit into any family situation. whether that’s sitting opposite Sean Connery or being virtually ignored! We as professionals are providing a service and need to be whatever the client wants us to be. It may be their friend or it may be someone who only looks after baby and they don’t want to be bothered with what’s going on in your life. That can be hard for younger girls to cope with.

Tell us what makes your favourite maternity nurse jobs?

My favourite jobs are just with families that really appreciate you, that’s always nice. The more laid back the family, the nicer the position.

What has been the most memorable moment you’ve experienced as an Elite Maternity Nurse?

I will never forget meeting Sean Connery, him with only bathrobe and me in my night wear ?

What do you love about being a maternity nurse?

I love the fact my job changes all the time, I’m always seeing new places and people and occasionally I’m glad that it is not permanent.

Any tips for interviews?

Be yourself because you can’t sustain anything else.

What has been your most challenging moment during your career?

My most challenging moment was when a mother suffered from a psychotic episode and would not get help, that’s why I think you should not be younger than 25 years old to be a maternity nurse.

What are your hopes and dream for your future career?

I dream of getting a perfect family who are very very nice and will employ me on a 2 week on/off basis with another great nurse/nanny.

As a mother yourself do you think it helps or hinders your profession? I

do think it helps me to show real empathy with mothers because I have been through birth and breastfeeding etc.

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