10 Top Nanny Tips For Travelling With Children This Summer

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Published on April 9, 2018

Summer has finally arrived (and it’s hopefully going to stay!) and before you know it, the summer holidays will be here as well! This is when most families will take their children away for a few weeks or even for the whole summer and nannies might be asked to accompany them and help.

Travelling is stressful for a lot of adults, so imagine how difficult it is for children, especially very young ones when their routine is broken and they are tired, hungry and in so many new situations. So you have to be there for them, be calm and have your sense of humour with you at all times. But there’s no need to stress because we’re here to help with our 10 top nanny tips for travelling with children.

Whether you travel by car, plane, private jet or yacht, you have to be prepared and remember to pack and bring a lot of essentials, including the most important below:

  1.  Clothes – You can never pack too many clothes for the children and especially in the summer when days are long and they will be out a lot of the time, so the first of our tips for travelling with children is to take as many outfits as possible.
  2. Sun hats and sunglasses – These are a MUST, not only at the beach but anywhere where the weather will be warm/hot, even for a trip at the local supermarket or at the playground etc.
  3. Sun lotion – Make sure you get a kids one, with an SPF 50. One with organic ingredients would be even better. Protecting children from the dangerous sun is one of the most important tips for travelling with children.
  4. Prams and baby carriers – Depending on the children’s ages, but if you are looking after children under 4 years old, a pram will always come handy when away because toddlers cannot walk for long periods of time. If at home you are used to carrying the baby, then take the carrier with you, they will be a Godsend when you will need your hands-free to be able to do something with the older brothers/ sisters at the same time.
  5. Nappies and wipes – If you are using a specific brand (like the eco-friendly ones), then it’s worth considering packing a good supply because you might not find the same brand where you are travelling and you want to avoid nappy rashes and trips to the doctor while away.
  6. Snacks – When travelling, children seem to be more hungry and more impatient than ever, so packing a few of their favourite snacks in the hand luggage will save you a lot of hunger tears.
  7. Toys, games and books – As you know, children get bored very quickly, so you can never go wrong with too many toys, games or books, depending on the age. It’s advisable to take with you, especially in the car/plane, new toys, so they will keep them entertained a while longer. Things such as colouring books and pencils, sticker books, small puzzles and board games will definitely be a hit and will give you and the parents some quiet time.
  8. Ipads/tablets – If the parents allow screens (depending on the age) then make sure that the Ipad/tablet is fully charged, on kids mode and with as many new kids apps, games, nursery rhymes, stories as possible. Although screens should be used as a last resort, sometimes this is the only way to keep a child entertained during a long haul flight or keep him from running away in a very busy airport.
  9. Medicine – Make sure to take medicine in the handbag (in a see-through, small zipped bag if you travel on a plane, and make sure that it has the child’s name on it). If they have any allergies, do not forget the Epipen (if they have one).
  10. Dummies, formula and baby food – If you are travelling with a baby, then do not forget the most important things which you can take with you in the hand luggage: baby’s milk (if not breastfed) and dummies and baby food if weaned. If travelling by plane you can pack it from home, or you can call Boots at the airport in advance to reserve the formula brand that you normally buy. Always check with the specific airlines about rules with liquids and how to safely carry breast milk/formula through security.

So, wherever you travel with the kids this summer, try and be as prepared as possible by following these 10 nanny tips for travelling with children and lend the parents a hand as often as possible. But most important, have fun, enjoy the sun and create long-lasting, happy memories as these will stay with the children forever.

At Polo and Tweed, we do our best to match our lovely nannies with our great families, so if you are looking for a job this summer or you have a friend who is looking, please do not hesitate to register with us for your next holiday opportunity.

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