How to find a Nanny Job? The Ultimate Guide

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Published on September 23, 2019

You’ve decided to find a new Nanny job – great! This is an exciting time. Whether this is your first time looking for a role in this area, or if you are a veteran nanny, the job market is ever-changing. And this can cause considerable stress and anxiety when looking for a new nanny job.

So where should you begin?  What things should you be wary of?

Here is our ultimate guide on the best ways to find your next nanny job.

1. Get your CV or Resume smoking!

No we don’t mean set it on fire – but it might be time to throw away the old one, and give your CV or resume a new lease of life!  You can download our template CV/resume here.  This is format we recommend when working with an agency, but for dealing with self-recruitment there should be some adjustments (which we will cover later on).  Remember to include a great photo (don’t include photos of children even with parents permission), and a great way to select the photo can be read about here.

2. Be Mindful of your Personal Details

Don’t include all your personal details.  For example, your mobile and your email is key information needed (and don’t forget to include that), but don’t put your full home address or your reference contact details.  You need to protect your data, and you never know where your CV or resume may end up.  So when you are looking for a nanny job, and if you decide to go down any public website routes (for example Gumtree or Indeed etc), ensure you just put your location, for example London.  No need to let people find your home. Be safe.

3. Be Careful with Your Cover

A common error we see is an opening sentence stating: ‘I’m apply for this role in Maida Vale….’ or ‘I’m looking to work with twins…’ etc.  You may have previously submitted your paperwork to one family, and then if you don’t change it again, you end up looking quite unprofessional.  So keep your cover letter, or opening statement precise and focused on yourself, for example your skills and qualifications and general attitude.  Rather than saying what you are looking for – as this will ensure this mishap doesn’t occur.

4. Register with all the great sites and agencies!

There are LOADS of choice for anyone looking for a nanny job.  Every agency will have a different process, some will accept emails, others (like ourselves) will have highly digital systems which allow you to update your details.  CVs can be logged into public websites such as Indeed and gumtree – but make sure you regularly update your details and your career history as in point 1.  There is nothing more unprofessional than an out of date CV which stops in 2018, if you’ve been out of work, make it clear what you’ve been doing in the non working periods of your career history.  Again, be wary of sending all your personal ID to anyone before you’ve met with them, or established they are a professional and trustworthy company.  Be safe with your data.

5. Practice your Interview Technique

Ask your friends and family to help you practice.  Interviews can be nerve-racking, in particular jobs which you really, really want.  So practice your interview techniques, and ask for feedback from your friends, family and colleagues on what they heard – as what you say and what is heard is two different things.  Try not to focus on discussions of money, time off etc on the first interview (unless the interviewer brings it up) as it can suggest you are driven purely by these things – which as a nanny isn’t always a good resonance with any prospective employer.

6. Check your extended networks and Social Media

Don’t forget your extended network (friends, family and colleagues) and don’t forget social media which is a great place to see what is being advertised.  You should search for hash tags such as #nanny #nannyjob #recruitment #domesticrecruitment – and join all the nanny job pages on Facebook – as this will mean you’ll get loads of opportunities.  But be wary, ensure you keep your personal data private and if dealing with an individual family, be sure to meet them in a public place first, remember to stay safe.

7. How can we help?

Polo & Tweed would love to help you find your next dream nanny job – we work with professional nannies in London, and around the world – helping place them with wonderful clients and families.  To register simply click here, and upload your CV onto your private candidate portal.  From there you can apply for any jobs of interest whenever required.  For more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch – and we look forward to hearing from you and finding you an awesome new nanny job!


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