Private Chef of the Month

Published on January 18, 2017

Full Name: Gianne Fanti

Age: 44

Location: London

Profession: Private Chef

Why did you decide to enter your profession? My food memories as a child helped me on my path to become a chef. I was born in Brazil and had grandparents from Italy and Portugal and at early age I’ve learned how to roll meatballs for spaghetti on Sunday dinners and how to cook polenta. Those experiences gave me a good multicultural food background and inspiration.

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How to Check References for a Personal Chef

Published on December 27, 2016

A vital part of any recruitment process involves checking the references of the candidates you are considering.

Whether you are interviewing and recruiting yourself, or you’ve requested an agency to do this for you, you must check references to ensure the staff member you’re choosing is suitable for your household.

A CV, interview and trial will only give you so much information about the personal Chef you’re looking to hire. Speaking to previous employers can give you a valuable understanding of the level of experience, skills and personality of the Chef you’re considering.

But how do you correctly check references?  In this guide, we reveal the truth about reference check etiquette so that you can be successful in your recruitment.

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Qualifications of A Great Private Yacht Chef

Published on November 24, 2016

Because you can’t hire a new chef once you’re at sea…

Perhaps one of the most important elements of the service onboard a yacht is food.  The food served on board can be the difference between a great or an incredible experience.

It’s important to note that while there are similarities, a yacht chef is quite different from a private chef in your home. At Polo & Tweed we place professional chefs and yacht crew for a living, so we’ve put together this post to help you navigate the qualifications necessary for a great yacht chef. Here are the qualifications of a great yacht chef:

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