What to Cook for a Vegan Dinner party?


Published on February 7, 2020

The last few years have seen a big rise in consciousness surrounding what people eat and maintaining a healthy body and mind. Lots of people are trying different diets and making big life style changes in order. Achieving goals such as a health life or being environmentally friendly. ‘’Veganism” has become a very popular diet/lifestyle choice. The demand for catering for a vegan dinner party is on an all time high!

Just a few years ago you would struggle to eat out as a vegan. Most restaurants and takeaways didn’t even offer one option for vegans apart from salad! Now you can already see the impact veganism is having, with the likes of KFC and Greggs even creating new dishes for the vegan market.

This is good news for anyone hosting a vegan for dinner, there are plenty of top recipes to choose from. Lots of dishes that even the biggest meat eater would love to eat!

Change is here!

The stigma attached to the vegan diet is diminishing and becoming part of the mainstream. There is money to be made from the ever growing vegan community.  This results in competition to get the best vegan food made. Competition brings innovation and development and with many high end vegan restaurants opening, the development of vegan food is rapidly increasing.  It’s an exciting time.

People move to the Vegan diet for a number of reasons – these include environmental, health, or even weight loss.  You should always respect why someone chooses to eat the way they do.

Menu Planning for a Vegan Dinner

A great menu for a vegan dinner party would be the following:

  1. Starter: Vegan hummus with toasted flatbread – A first dish to serve at a dinner party that with just a few additions of some whole chickpeas, fresh coriander leaves, a dusting of paprika and a little drizzle of olive oil will look fantastic. Tastes great too!
  2. “Fish Course”: Mushroom risotto with truffle oil – A great dish bursting with flavour, finish with some rocket and cracked black pepper. Delicious!
  3. Main Course: Veggie chilli tortilla baskets (all you need to do is substitute the cheddar cheese for vegan cheese and you have a delicious main course that’s vegan all the way)
  4. Dessert: Vegan Chocolate cake – Just because your cooking vegan food doesn’t mean you have to miss out on chocolate let alone a rich moist chocolate cake. A brilliant way to end any dinner party! Just add some fresh raspberries on the side and you have a excellent and delicious dessert.
  5. Cheese: Don’t miss out on a cheese board either! With plenty of vegan cheese suppliers online you can finish the meal with a beautiful vegan cheese board.

A vegan dinner party, done the right way!

You can also find lots of helpful tips for planning and delivering a brilliant dinner party here.

How can P&T Help?

If you need additional help you can get in touch with Polo & Tweed – with high calibre chefs from around the world ready and available to come and cook for you day to day or just to deliver a fantastic dinner party guaranteed. By using professional chef’s and catering, you’ll seriously impress your guests.

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