Front of House Training

Why is Front of House Training important?

Guest and visitors form a first impression within three seconds.  Therefore it is vital that the front of house makes the best and perfect impression.  From hotels through to high end shops, members clubs and any client interactive service.  This front of house – how you greet and treat your visitors – will have a huge impact on your business.

From small organisations through to high end, large corporations, from private homes through to yachts and chalets – your front of house individual or team is key to setting the lasting first impressions.

Our trainers work with your staff to take them through all front of house etiquette and training, and we can tailor it completely to your specific needs, ensuring that your staff are clear, knowledgeable, up to date and make the best first impression possible.

Benefits of Front of House Training

    Make lasting first impressions instantly

    Fine tune your front of house staff and etiquette

    Private training offers you complete flexibility

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About Our Front of House Training

Our Front of House Training is a unique setup which many of our clients undertake for three main reasons:

Personalised Training – Our trainers are highly skilled industry professionals and the best in their field. They are able to quickly assess which areas of training your staff require in order to reach the level of compliance you seek.

Protect Yourself – By reviewing your current procedures and approaches, and ensuring your staff are finely tuned, we can establish your core concepts and brand values are always protected.

Short & Efficient Solutions – We understand that time is precious.  Our training can be fully adapted to fit within your specific timeline and schedule.

We have provided numerous front of house training days. We know how to adjust the training to fit your specific needs.

About Our Trainers

We have strict requirements for our trainers because we want the absolute best for our students. Perfection comes with the territory – it is a core value for our students and thus must be a core value for our trainers. If you have special skill requests for your training, let us know and we’ll pair you with the best fit.  

Michal Fudali

Michal has over 23 years of experience in Silver Service. He personally served VIP guests including Royalty and Celebrities.  He has been teaching for the last 4 years. He teaches Silver Service, House Management, Butlering and Etiquette because it is his passion and he loves to see his students grow.

Tracey Waterman

Tracey has over 20 years of experience in Housekeeping, House Management and hospitality. She has personally worked with VIP clients, HNW properties and luxury interiors. She teaches Housekeeping, House Management and Silver Service with passion and integrity, and she thrives on seeing her students develop and grow in confidence.