Lagos to London – The Rise of the Nigerian Super Rich

Published on June 11, 2016

Our Take on The Lagos to London Documentary

On Tuesday the 7th of June, Channel 4 aired a documentary about the super rich of Nigeria and those who work with and alongside them.  If you missed it you can catch up here, or here.

It featured a series of characters including Cupp and Temi Otedola (daughters of the oil tycoon Femi Otedola), The Mbadiwe twin brothers who have lived a privileged and luxury lifestyle, and Alex, a self made business man selling luxury goods to the Nigerian buyers.  The documentary followed these characters and a few other smaller characters in their pursuit of ‘health and wealth’ as Temi toasts to at the start of the show. Her sister Cupp looks shocked and adds ‘and happiness’ but Temi doesn’t seem that interested to agree.

So why has Nigeria risen to become a serious contender in the presence of super rich, and what makes their approach different from other super rich nations?

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Eamonn Holmes Interview – London Yacht & Prestige Car Show

Published on May 16, 2016

During our time at the London Yacht & Prestige Car Show we met some amazing attendees. Eamonn Holmes stopped by for a quick chat about luxury living and domestic help.

As an accomplished journalist, Eamonn has seen it all and it was nice to hear his take on domestic staff and luxury living.

When it comes to living the luxury lifestyle, with all the money in the world, you’re biggest restriction is time. After all, what good is having a lot of money if you don’t have any free time to enjoy it?  

Time is one of our most valuable assets and if you are fortunate enough to be able to afford it, one way to have more free time is to have people around you to do the things you don’t want to do. Daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, or even looking after the kids can all be done by professionals, leaving you with the free time to do what you please.

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