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Polo & Tweed is a well-versed domestic staff agency, best suiting your needs in finding and hiring the perfect Butler for your household.

Butlers have evolved in many forms, and we can mix and match your specifications to provide you the perfect option for your home(s).  No matter what unusual skills you may require the Butler to have, or if you prefer a traditional approach, our domestic staff recruitment team have a huge array of incredible Butler CVs to send you.

  • Traditional Quintessentially British Butler
  • Modern Multi-National Butler
  • Female Butlers
  • Butler with House Manager/Estate Manager skills
  • Specific Skilled Butlers (for example Mandarin speaking/Horse riding etc)

Benefits of Hiring a Butler with P&T

    1 Year Agency Guarantee for Complete Peace of Mind

    Highly Vetted Candidates

    Fully Referenced Checked

    Detailed Matching Service for Candidate to Client

    Complimentary DBS Processed

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What are our clients saying about us?

  • Amanda I used Polo & Tweed to find me a housekeeper after I had my second child to help around the house so that I could concentrate on the new baby and my toddler. The service Polo & Tweed provided was excellent. I was able to interview several candidates before finding an excellent housekeeper. I was supported in finding someone who was the right fit for my situation. They also took the headache out of agreeing hours, contracts and pay. The housekeeper was excellent and just knew what needed to be done without being asked.
  • Julien Polo & Tweed is a professional recruitment agency, dedicated in outsourcing the best domestic staff profile to match your Household requirements. The team is very efficient and experienced, their dedication to understanding the client need combined with a large network of candidates, will make the overall process hasslefree. Top agency.
  • Therese I am very impressed by the service of Lucy and her Team. They are quick, efficient and extremely friendly and helpful. They are consumer oriented and understand the customers’ Needs which often is not the case with other agencies. Almost all of the candidates she introduced where valuable candidates, so she has a good stock of People. I have worked now twice with Lucy and will definitely do it again when I need a new nanny.
  • Bijal They found me a part time housekeeper quickly, efficiently, with a great vetting system. Great team, great communication.
  • Summer I have worked with numerous agencies over the years, but Polo & Tweed have provide me with unparalleled service. Lucy is extremely professional and supportive, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lucy and her team
  • Rachael I can highly recommend Polo and Tweed and am very grateful for all of their help. Lucy was fabulous and always made time to speak to me and answer any questions I had. Thanks Polo and Tweed.

How P&T classify our Butlers - Salary Guidelines

Entry level/Less experienced Butler is a candidate with 2-4 years experience. 

Expect a salary of £350-500 net a week live in and £400-550 net a week live out.

Yearly salary range from £22K gross to £37K gross.


Mid level/More experienced Butler is a candidate 4-8 years experience.  

Expect a salary of £550-800 net a week live in and £600-1000 net a week live out.

Yearly salary from £37K gross to £80K gross per year.


High level/Very experienced Butler is a candidate with 8+ years experience.  

Expect a salary of £1000+ net a week live in and £1200+ net a week live out

Yearly salary from £80K gross upwards.


Of course depending on budget/package/skills required everything is always flexible and not set in stone.

Butler Options

British Butler

British or English Butlers are considered the original or quintessential butler. They are often your closest and most valued member of staff so it’s important you find the right candidate. British butlers are most popular in luxury, traditional estates in the UK, but we recruit for clients around the world that desire the professionalism and precision of an English Butler.

Hiring a British butler is a big step and it’s something we take very seriously. Polo & Tweed was born and raised in the heart of England so we are very familiar with British butlers and we have an impressive candidate pool to draw from.

Modern Multi-National Butler

Modern multi-national Butlers are an evolution of the British Butler. They are heavily influenced by the traditional background of a British Butler, but will bring a multi-national background and cultural influence to their job. Multi-national butlers are favoured by clients wanting to have additional cultural or language requirements, for example Russian speaking or Mandarin speaking.

Hiring a multi-national butler is something that we understand on a very intricate level. All our clients have different requirements, and if a language or cultural requirement is present, we are able to fulfil the job requirement from our global network of multi-national Butlers.

Female Butler

Female Butlers mostly evolved from families in the Middle East with female principals required to have a female ‘right hand’ in their home.  A female butler may be culturally appropriate (as in the Middle East) or it might just be a personal preference. Female butlers are heavily influenced by the traditional British Butler, but will bring a range of skills, plus a feminine touch to the role.

Hiring a female Butler is something that more Western clients and all Middle Eastern families now consider, due to the very highest level of skill found within the female Butlers. At Polo & Tweed we have placed some wonderful female Butlers in roles around the world, and adjust each search depending on the needs of the specific family.

Butler with House Manager/Estate Manager Skills

The modern Butler has also evolved to include house manager/estate manager skills. This is typically favoured by the smaller residents who don’t require a fleet of staff, but expect the Butler to be able to handle a multitude of additional duties each day.

Hiring a Butler with specific management skills is a popular request. Families who have multiple properties and do not require large amount of staff at all the properties may opt for this option, as it allows a smaller team of staff to work in the home, but all the duties be properly attended to.

About Our Butlers

We have strict vetting for any of the candidates on our books, because our clients expect the highest standard of candidates.  You have complete peace of mind that any Butler presented to you will have met the stringent checks we perform.  Ultimately you will make the final decision to hire, but you will have an incredible selection to choose from. 

Below are four Butlers that are currently on our books, we currently have over 9000 registered candidates on Polo & Tweed books.


Mansuk is an experienced Butler.  He has worked around the world providing the highest level of care and attention for his clients.  A top British Butler.


Lawrence is a skilled British Butler.  He has worked with Polo & Tweed clients for many years, both in long term and short term placements.  He is of the highest knowledge and standards.


Gregory is a unique and modern Butler.  He has worked oversees, both in the US and Europe, and is discreet, well mannered and blends modern and traditional service.



As a meticulous and dependable service professional with 17 years of progressive experience working in the ultra-luxury service industry, Jaris is a highly skilled and experience Butler.  Currently based in Qatar, the Middle East.