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Published on June 21, 2016

“A new broom sweeps clean, but an old broom knows the corners” Proverb

Is my private housekeeper ready for training?

Having a housekeeper, be it part time or full time for your principals home is perhaps one of the most important staff members in the home, yacht, hotel or chalet.  The very essence of the space relies on the right touch and approach, the eye for detail, and the finesse to make sure that the finish and feel for each room is outstanding.

It may well be that the property already has a team of Housekeepers, or just a long standing Housekeeper who has been working in the space for many years.  It may be that a new housekeeper has just joined the team, and after a lengthy recruitment process you have selected the best candidate.  However to get the very best from your existing housekeeping, it is important to consider private housekeeper training.

Common Shortcomings

There are some common shortcomings that suggest your private housekeeper may be ready for a little training. Look for these signs to determine if training is necessary.

The most regularly mentioned gripe for housekeepers is that the work takes too long.  If the work is being done to the very highest of standards, it may well be that the housekeeper needs this time, or (and more likely) it maybe that their flow and organisation of how they approach the work may need a little fine tuning.

Does your Housekeeper work room to room, or do they do the same job around the venue and then repeat accordingly?  Depending on the exact location will depend on how the ‘flow’ of work should be undertaken, but especially for new members of staff, private housekeeping training can help create a good flow and ‘iron out’ any organisational and time issues.

Another common shortcoming is attention to detail.  Attention to detail is a personal opinion and each client, home, and property will vary in what they consider ‘detail’ to be.  Perhaps you’ve already identified some areas where the detail has not been met and the housekeeper is still struggling to achieve it. This is another area where private housekeeping training can help.

Specialist care is a third common shortcoming.  Principals and wealthy families are constantly updating, renovating and moving home and it might be for the new features (perhaps a large walk in wardrobe) your current housekeeper hasn’t quite got on top of wardrobe management or care of fine linen.  Instead of recruiting a new housekeeper, private housekeeper training can give them all the necessary skills to  understand detailed wardrobe management and ensure that the silk or lace pieces are treated with the care and consideration they require.


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How does housekeeper training work?

Private housekeeper training is exactly what it says on the tin, private, bespoke, and tailor-made.  You decide the days/hours/location (often in-situ when the principal is not at home) and the trainer is chosen depending on the areas of expertise that are required to be improved.

A trainer will typically turn up on the chosen day to work with the individual (or group) and work through the specific aspects that require improvement.  This is hands on and practical training. Trainers understand that English may not be the first spoken language of their trainees and will be open to different styles and approaches to learning.

In-situ training gives the Housekeeper(s) a safe space in order to ask questions that they might have felt otherwise embarrassed to ask their employer or estate manager.  You’d be surprised how many questions get asked and  how skills develop in turn.  A good trainer will leave the staff feeling confident and happy, with the knowledge they have developed both in skill and acumen.

What are the benefits?

When you invest in private housekeeper training you are investing in the future of the staff in your employ.  By training your staff (instead of giving them the boot) you give them more confidence and skills. They will feel that you are investing in their future and this sentiment will be reflected in their quality of work.

It can breathe life into an old member of staff (quite literally) and give them new skills and techniques to apply to their daily work. Training will show to your staff that you are serious about their future with the household and that you believe they have the potential to be even better than they are already.

Ultimately, it will give the principal exactly what they want in the attention to detail and finishing touches, and you can rest at night knowing that the job has been done to the very highest standard.  After all, a happy principal will mean a happy team of staff, and that is exactly what private housekeeper training can provide.


Private housekeeper training is a skill and subject which is incredibly specialist, especially at the very highest standard and level. At Polo & Tweed we use only the highest standard of trainers who they themselves have worked for many years in the profession.  They have time and time again showed what a good investment it is to train your staff, and they visit multiple clients homes, yachts, chalets and hotels to continue education and ensure that the highest level of housekeeping is met around the world.  If you have any questions, drop us a line today and tell us how we can help you further.


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