What Is A Private Chauffeur?

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Published on September 2, 2021

Do you like to idea of having someone in your household who is always ready to drop you off and pick you up,  wherever you need to go? Someone who is an excellent and highly skilled driver. Someone who knows the traffic and the roads like the back of their hands. Who will maintain, clean and keep up your vehicle(s) and even can do the school run? Sounds perfect, right? Welcome to the life of having a private chauffeur!

So, what is a private chauffeur?

Different Types of Chauffeurs

To understand what it ix exactly a private chauffeur does, we need to look at the different types of chauffeurs and their tasks. This way it makes it much better to understand the difference. And also what would suit best for you and your household.

Full-Time Private Chauffeur

A full-time Chauffeur is a very popular option for many busy or larger households. There might be different reasons to hire a chauffeur full-time. Whatever your reasoning or situation, there will be someone to match your requirements.

Professional Commutes

This can be a great option for you if you know you have regular daily commutes. It might be very important for you to be able to start work as soon as you are commuting. So then having a private chauffeur is a perfect option. They will be there on time, ready to drive you to all your destinations. A great chauffeur will drive extremely smoothly. Making sure that you can start making those all-important calls. Or have your laptop to fire out emails and get things going. Your time can be better spent on important tasks rather than waiting for a taxi or getting lost due to the mistake of an inexperienced driver.

Children & School Run

Struggling to find organisation and structure in the morning? And find yourself stuck in traffic, in packed public transport or unable to get to different schools, and work on time? All of this can easily be solved by your full-time private chauffeur.

The Private chauffeur will be there bright and early in the morning ready for the school run. And can make sure you can make it to the all-important meetings in time.

You can let your chauffeur worry about the right route and busy traffic. They will be able to schedule ahead, advise on the best times to leave, and make sure the most to follow the most efficient routes.

For more help with hiring the right full-time chauffeur, read: Find The Right Full Time Chauffeur for Your Family

Temp Private Chauffeur

A second option is having a temp chauffeur for certain busy times in your life or schedule. A temporary chauffeur might be perfect if on certain occasions you know you will struggle with transport and timings. There is nothing worse than arriving at a big meeting or special event stressed because you were worried about travel and commute. This is where your temporary chauffeur comes in handy. They take out all the stress for you. Making sure you arrive wherever you need to be rested, stress-free, and ready to go.

Security Driver

If you are looking to step up your security this is a great option. Especially when commuting or travelling, security can easily be compromised. If this is a concern for you and your family, then hiring a security driver is an excellent option. And a very worthy investment!

A Security Driver is a highly specialised security and protection professional. They are specifically trained in security driving and handling dangerous situations. This is something completely different from a chauffeur who has done a security or Safety Awareness course. The latter might be very suited for families who have other types of security already in place or do not feel the need for special security.

A Security driver is not very common, and you will pay a premium. So before making this investment, make sure this is what you indeed need. If you are worried about security, however, it can be an extremely worthy investment. After all, you cannot put a price on keeping your loved ones safe!

Salary of a Private Chauffeur

As mentioned above, hiring a professional chauffeur can come in many different setups. Find out what is right for you. But to give you an indication salary-wise. The below can be a rough guideline for the UK.

Entry-level – 2-4 years experience. 

  • £538 – £711 gross a week.
  • Yearly salary range from £28,000 gross to £37,000 gross.
  • For a day rate expect to pay between £110-140 gross per day

Mid-level – 4-8 years experience. 

  • £730 – £1057 gross a week
  • Yearly salary from £38,000 gross to £55,000 gross per year.
  • For a day rate expect to pay between £146 – £211 gross per day

High level – 8+ years experience. 

  • £1067 gross a week
  • Yearly salary from £56,000 gross upwards.
  • For a day rate expect to pay around £215+ gross per day

How can Polo & Tweed Help?

Would you like to have a chauffeur to help you with any or all of the above? We can help! Polo & Tweed work with families all over the world, finding the most suitable Chauffeurs for them and for their families. Our highly experienced recruitment professionals will be able to find your exact match, however complex your request might be. To find out more about what options work best for you do contact us here now and we look forward to speaking to you!

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