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Published on September 17, 2018

From worker to supervisor, a comprehensive training programme can bring a housekeeping team together! Click To TweetWhere should you start with housekeeper training? What should you think about when considering which courses to take with Polo & Tweed? This depends on a number of factors, but we are here to help you through the process.

This article should help guide you to the most relevant training, although nothing beats speaking to one of Polo & Tweed’s great advisors who will be able to help in your own individual circumstance, because we know everyone is different.

What training is available for housekeepers?

What do you want to achieve from the training?

Defining your goals can be helpful before setting out on your learning journey.

What skills do you or your staff already have? If you or staff already have the basic housekeeping skills and years of experience thinking about the subjects the housekeeping course covers will be useful. Are there any gaps in knowledge?

Will you or your member of staff need to be able to serve food or laying the dinner table? Greet guests? Or supervise staff serving food, laying the dinner table?

These skills are not covered by the housekeeping course and it would be helpful to consider our Silver Service course to gain this knowledge and skill. This if often seen as the next step in training a housekeeping after the basic course and will give the next level of service skills. A housekeeper may then increase the services they can offer or knowledgeably supervise other staff.

Will you or your staff member be responsible for managing other staff, over seeing the household? Dealing with outside contractors or budgets?

Housekeepers looking to progress to this level and develop management skills will often have the experience of, or have completed the housekeeper training course and/or the Silver Service course. Ensuring they have all the necessary basic skills before completing the house management training.

Do I or my housekeeper need to have completed the housekeeper training course and the silver service course first?

Thinking about the skills you have and those you need will determine the courses you need. If you do not need to serve guests or supervise staff serving then you may feel that the silver service course is not necessary. Equally if you have been a housekeeper for many years you may feel the housekeeper training is not for you but you would like to progress and house management is where you need to develop your skills.

There are only a few gaps in my housekeeper’s or my knowledge that I would like to fill and the full course seems unsuitable?

Polo & Tweed can offer tailored one to one training for you to ensure those gaps are covered and you feel confident you have the skills you need.

What subjects are covered in Polo & Tweed’s Housekeeper training?

Housekeeping tools and techniques. A look at cleaning each of the specific areas of a home including care of special surfaces and stain care. Laundry including care of fine garments, ironing, streaming, folding. Shoe care, handbag care, wardrobe management. Packing and unpacking. Finishing touches for the home including basic flower arranging. How to provide turndown service.

How long is the course?

The course runs over 3 consecutive days, with lots of opportunity to practice the skills. At the end of the course there is an assessment to ensure you have reached the tutors required standards.

What subjects are covered in Polo & Tweed’s Silver Service training?

This course is about in how you interact with guests and provide everyone with the best possible service.

You will cover table management and the form of service for the following types of service – Silver Service, Butler Service, Russian Service, Buffet Service, Tray Service, English Service, French Service, Yacht Service, Party/Event Service.How to serve wine, champagne, tea & coffee, High Tea.

Etiquette and address, including arrival & departure. Glass and Silver polishing, napkin folding, hygiene and finishing touches.

How long is the course?

The course runs over 3 consecutive days, there is lots of opportunity to practice both the service practically and the props needed for laying the table too. At the end of the course there is an assessment to ensure you have reached the necessary standard during the course.

What subjects are covered in Polo & Tweeds House Management training?

You will cover the hierarchy of both a private home and yacht, look at staff management including organisation and planning, hiring and firing, staff communication. Time management, teamwork, problem solving.  Dealing with contractors, health and safety and fire awareness. Budgets and inventory. Shooting etiquette, party and events organisation and planning.

How long is the course?

The course runs over 2 consecutive days. This is a more theoretical based course and their is a written test at the end of the course to assess the level you have reached.

How large are the groups taking the course at any one time?

We feel it is really important that everyone has enough time to learn and we keep our group courses to a maximum 8 students to one trainer.

Please feel free to contact Polo & Tweed to discuss further your own training needs. Everyone is different and whilst the above gives a general outline of the courses available we are more than happy to provide specially tailored courses covering the areas you need focusing on. The group courses cover all the areas listed above but our talent trainers will access all those on the course and adapt to the needs of the group being taught. Get in touch with us here to discuss training options.

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