Reasons to Consider a Chauffeur on Retainer


Published on June 9, 2021

A chauffeur will help you plan your journeys, get to and from the airports on time and get you to all your appointments without having to worry about logistics. If you don’t need a full time chauffeur, but would like the peace of mind of a professional driver, a chauffeur on retainer might be the right option for you. Find out the reasons to consider a chauffeur on retainer here.

What is a chauffeur on retainer?

A chauffeur on retainer is a chauffeur with a set budget that is, essentially, always on call. You can count on your chauffeur to be there when you need them and plan ahead for events. Rather than using a third-party service to get a driver when you need one. A chauffeur on retainer will be dedicated to serving you.

Why consider a chauffeur on retainer?

In the end, it comes down to time. Even if you don’t consistently need a personal driver. You still might want to consider putting a chauffeur on retainer. Not only is it nice to know what to expect with a driver you trust. But you can save time on planning. And lower the amount of stress often accompanied by travel.

Having a chauffeur on retainer means you do not have to worry about hiring temporary chauffeurs when you are back home. As you might have been away for a longer period of time. A chauffeur on retainer is the ultimate solution for people who need a flexible arrangement. Something that works around them and their lifestyle. Whether you are away from your family home for a couple of days, weeks or even months on end.

Here are the reasons to consider a chauffeur on retainer:

Peace of Mind

A chauffeur on retainer will give you the peace of mind knowing that, when you come back home from long, extensive and tiring travels, your chauffeur will be there to pick you up from the airport and drive you and your family safely and efficiently home, or to the next place of destination.

Set Salary

Having a chauffeur on retainer practically means you have a pre-agreed set monthly salary, unrelated to how many hours or shifts the chauffeur will do per month. It’s an ideal solution for busy, well-travelled families who will have highly irregular schedules that vary from month to month.

The chauffeur on retainer will be there available when needed and unlike a temp chauffeur or other temp member off staff, you do not pay on a shift basis, but simply a set monthly rate.

Having a full-time chauffeur in employment and paying a full-time salary for all those months the services of the chauffeur are left unused, simply is a waste of money. Besides that, the full-time chauffeur might not feel as much of a commitment and could start looking for other roles – leaving you without a chauffeur altogether right at the times you might need it most!

Clear Expectations

Another wonderful thing about having a chauffeur on retainer is that expectations are managed. And tasks are set clearly before the start of the service. The chauffeur on retainer will not have any expectations of working full-time shifts all month every month but will be available if there would be a period where full time chauffeuring is required.

When selecting a chauffeur on retainer to work for you and your family. It is important to have the agreement as clear as possible. So that expectations are managed and future confusion is being avoided. A chauffeur on retainer needs to be fully understanding exactly of the situation and must be flexible. This is key to make the agreement work.

Finding a Chauffeur on Retainer

Did the 3 reasons to consider a chauffeur on retainer help? If you think you might need a full time or security chauffeur, you should review the different types of chauffeurs before starting your search. It’s important to outline your requirements clearly so you can find a great fit and pay a fair price.

Finding the right chauffeur on retainer with the right background, experience, and most importantly, availability and flexibility, for your family. It can be a lengthy and perhaps complicated process. However, it really does pay off to take your time in the selection procedures. As the perfect match can change your, and your family’s life.

If you have questions about whether a chauffeur on retainer is right for you, feel free to ask us. At Polo & Tweed we are professional recruiters and we are here to help you navigate the world of luxury staff.



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