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The right training program is the difference between acceptable and exceptional. Where do you want to be?

Benefits of Group Training

    Small groups with engaging students

    Stimulating discussions and practical tasks

    Update your knowledge and improve your skills

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What are our students saying about our courses?

  • Anouk I am constantly eager to learn, challenge myself and understand everything in order to reach that goal. Michael the trainer is a very thorough individual, who makes sure you will leave feeling that you understand everything. He is a very patient teacher. A massive thank you, I could not be on the path to success without Polo & Tweed.
  • Sebastian I joined the course to improve my management skills in a different industry. I would very likely recommend this training as it was useful and crucial. The trainer was a dedicated professional. Thank you!
  • Amadeus I took the course to improve my skills and increase my job prospects. I would certainly recommend this course. There was a vast selection of topics covered. The trainer was exceptional, with his inside knowledge of the industry shared during the training.
  • Talita It was easy to book the course, Lucy was very helpful. I wanted to improve my skills and find a job on land. I would strongly recommend this training to a friend. The trainer has huge experience and a professional approach.
  • Katherine The course is a really great format, having interactive elements mixed with videos and practical sessions, the trainers knowledge was utterly brilliant, both incredibly knowledgeable, with very helpful feedback. Brilliant communication and very encouraging when you struggle. I can’t believe how much I’ve learnt from such experienced trainers. It’s been utterly brilliant.
  • Jaison I am looking to become a gentleman's gentleman and joined this course to learn new skills. The digital book provided as part of the training is particularly useful. The knowledge of the trainer is impressive. Would likely recommend this to other students.

About Our Group Training

Our training outperforms traditional group training programs for two main reasons:

Personalised Training – Our trainers are the best in class. They are able to quickly assess where your skill levels are and provide you with the training you need to reach the level of service you want to be at.

Active Training – The focus of our training is giving a safe space to physically rehearse the skill set you desire. By developing your practical application in all areas, your confidence and skill level will increase. Finely tuning your skills to give you a deeper understanding of the specific module.

We have trained hundreds of students and we know everyone is different. Our trainers know how to adjust our course to fit your needs so you are always engaged and you are learning at the highest level possible.

Silver Service

  • January 2019 – 25/26/27th
  • February 2019 – 22/23/24th
  • March 2019 - 22/23/24th
  • July 2019 - 12/13/14th
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  • August 2019 - NO TRAINING
  • September 2019 - 20/21/22nd
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House & Yacht Management

  • January 2019 – 28/29th
  • February 2019 – 25/26th
  • March 2019 - 25/26th
  • July 2019 - 15/16th
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  • August 2019 - NO TRAINING
  • September 2019 - 23/24th
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  • January 2019 – 18/19/20th
  • February 2019 – 1/2/3rd
  • March 2019 - 1/2/3rd
  • July 2019 - 5/6/7th
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  • August 2019 - No Training
  • September 2019 - 6/7/8th
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About Our Trainers

We have strict requirements for our trainers because we want the absolute best for our students. Perfection comes with the territory – it is a core value for our students and thus must be a core value for our trainers. If you have special skill requests for your training, let us know and we’ll pair you with the best fit.  

Michal Fudali

Michal has over 23 years of experience in Silver Service. He personally served VIP guests including Royalty and Celebrities.  He has been teaching for the last 4 years. He teaches Silver Service, House Management, Butlering and Etiquette because it is his passion and he loves to see his students grow.

Tracey Waterman

Tracey has over 20 years of experience in Housekeeping, House Management and hospitality. She has personally worked with VIP clients, HNW properties and luxury interiors. She teaches Housekeeping, House Management and Silver Service with passion and integrity, and she thrives on seeing her students develop and grow in confidence.