How to find a Housekeeper Job – The Ultimate Guide

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Published on October 1, 2019

If you are ready to find a new job – then it’s always a great time to consider the best ways to search – the market is always changing, and with ever changing social media and job sites, with new recruitment agencies popping up all the time – you want to make the right choices in your new job search!

So where should you begin?  What things should you be wary of?

Here is our ultimate guide on the best ways to find your next housekeeper job.

1. Be Mindful of your Personal Details

Don’t include all your personal details.  There is no need to include your address – your mobile, email and location (for example London) is totally adequate.  At a later stage you can provide your home address, but be mindful of where your CV or resume might end up – and who in turn will have your private data.  Remain cautious with your data and identity.

2. Update your Resume or CV!

Your CV or resume is the gateway to your new job – so make sure your CV is up to date (aka goes up to present date).  Even if you’d had a career break at any point, it should be listed on your CV with a clear understanding of what you did during this break.  You can download our template CV/resume here.  Remember to include a nice photo, and a way to choose a great photo is here.

3. Register with all the agencies!

What’s great about the modern job search is that you’ve got LOADS of choice.  It makes the process a little bit easier to bear.  There are now lots of agencies, job sites and other routes you can go through in order to find your next job.  Remember to be wary when sending/uploading your CV.  Again remember to remove your full home address, and keep your data safe.  Public job sites such as Indeed and gumtree are a great way to find new housekeeper jobs, but again you don’t know where your data will actually end up – so be vigilant.

4. Apply for Role which Match

It’s important to evaluate your skills, and also the level of your job application. For example if you are entry level housekeeper, looking for a housekeeper job, be hesitant about applying for a senior housekeeper role – yes the salary might be attractive, but it is an unrealistic job application – and you are potentially wasting your time.  Look for roles which match your level of experience – and career progression sought.  Then start interviews!

5. Practice your Interview Technique

Ask your friends and family to help you practice.  Yes, interviews can be stressful, but the more you practice (in both real life and pretend settings), the more you’ll become confident.  It’s not a normal experience to be grilled on your knowledge, and some interviewees can be more easier than others.  So smile, relax, and breathe – be confident that you have the skills needed to do a great job – and that you are the perfect housekeeper for the advertised job!

6. Check your extended networks and Social Media

Don’t forget your extended network (friends, family and colleagues) and don’t forget social media which is a great place to see what is being advertised.  You should search for hash tags such as #nanny #housekeeper #housekeepingjob #cleaningjob #maidjob #recruitment #domesticrecruitment – and join all the housekeeper job pages on Facebook – as this will mean you’ll get lots of opportunities.  Again be wary of your data – and protect yourself and your personal information.

7. How can we help?

Polo & Tweed would love to help you find your next ideal housekeeper job – we work with professional housekeepers in London, and around the world.  To register simply click here, and upload your CV onto your private candidate portal.  From there you can apply for any jobs of interest whenever required.  For more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch – and we look forward to hearing from you and finding you an awesome new housekeeper job!

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