You Should Do Online Front of House Training

Published on June 29, 2020

Front of House is crucial to every client or guest-facing business. Whether it is a yacht, private chalet, or a big hotel chain or private members club, the front of house is the first impression guests will see. And it can be really challenging to get everything right! This is why you should do online front of house training. From the comfort of your own home, you can refine your skills, and learn so many more things too.

So, why should you do online Front of House training?

What is Online Front of House Training

Firstly, let’s look at Front of House in general. Having your Front of House team trained well, is of extreme importance. Did you know that people form a first impression within three seconds? So whoever is in front of  house, it is crucial that the front of house is perfect in order to give guests the best first, and lasting impression.

And if you are working as front of house, it can be a lot of pressure getting those first impressions right. Whether you work in a hotel, a to high-end store, member clubs, or any other client interactive service. The correct front of house will have a huge impact on your business.

And if you are working as front of house yourself, or considering a career into it – it is so important to have guidance and structured ideas on how you should work, behave and think as front of house. And online training really helps with that! Yes, you will learn on the job. And yes, every company, even every event, will have its own rules and regulations. But to get the basics right, will help you with any front of house job.

Learn All Front of House Training Modules Online

To know how to deal with unusual requests, for example. As many of those will arise when working as front of house! What about personal presentation and dress code, for example? And do you know different cultural etiquette? It differs a lot between cultures – so getting this right is crucial to not offend a guest straight away. You will learn anything from greeting guests to door etiquette, finishing touches and so much more.

Suited for online formats

The online Front of House training is created by the best people in the industry, who have poured their many years of experience into the online training course. And it is an extremely suitable great course to be doing online. You will get all of the subjects, modules, and information you need, only now simply in an online format. Whereas previously you might have to especially travel somewhere to attend a group training course, the online Front of House training takes all of that away for you.

The online Front of House training is set up in a way so that you will not only learn the modules but will see it being put in practice in the training videos. You will also have your newfound knowledge tested instantly in the form of mini-quizzes and assessments. So that you immediately know what you might understand fully already, and what things you might have to revisit.

Practical & Assessments In Online Training

Online front of house training is also perfectly set up for practical tests and assessments. Understandably, it can be a concern for some who might be used to doing course face to face.

However, the great thing about online Front of House training, is that your experience will be very similar to a real-life course! Firstly, there are lots of video’s the trainers have recorded especially for these courses. This gives you the opportunity to watch, pause, rewind, these videos as often as you want. It really allows you to understand the subject properly and give you time to digest the training material – whereas in a face to face course, you might miss some things when there is so much information coming at you at once!

At the end of the online front of house training, you will also be asked to submit several assessments. Some could be videos, some might be written assessments. Then, one of the expert trainers will individually review your assessments and come to a training outcome from there, including options for feedback!

Why Online Front of House Training

Now that you have a better understanding of how Online Front of House training works and what it can contain, it is good to understand the great benefits of online training. It is definitely becoming a more and more popular way for people to do training, and it really will be the future of training!

Saving You Time

Doing a face to face training course can be a really time-consuming thing to do. You would most likely have to take time off work for it.

Or perhaps don’t live in the country where the live course is hosted. That will make things even more time consuming, as you will now have to travel to and stay over in another place for the training course. And what is really beneficial, is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home – whenever you want! You will not be confined by the set timings of a live training weekend.

An online training course allows you to spread the course material out over the times when it works for you. Sometimes even over several months! This means you can take the time you need for your training. And go back to it whenever you feel like you can really put your full focus and attention on it. This will maximise your learning intake and your skills taken from the course.

Saving You Cost

Another big positive of online training – it will be cheaper! Doing an online Front of House training course will be quite a lot less expensive than doing a face to face training course. You will not only save money on the actual costs for the training course, but also all the extra costs that you will have spent getting to the training, potentially staying overnight somewhere. And all the other costs that you will incur when travelling. Even the coffees and lunches you might pick up on the go can add up, especially if it means you had to give up work shifts to be there. You will have none of these issues when doing an online Front of House training course!

How can Polo & Tweed Help?

Polo & Tweed are world-leading training providers to students all over the world, with an online academy for all the courses too – including Front of House training! The internationally known Polo & Tweed training academy only works with the absolute best trainers in the industry. They have dedicated their years of experience and skill to the students and training development.

Whether you are completely new to the hospitality industry, or have working in Front of House for many years. You will gain a great amount of invaluable knowledge and skills from the online training course. And that can open so many doors for you and your career.

To find out more about what options work best for you do contact us here now and we look forward to speaking to you!

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