Maternity Nanny

Maternity Nannies are specifically skilled in new born, infant and toddler care.  These women will have worked and studied extensively in this area and will be able to support the parents and the new born from the first breath they take.  They are suited to families who are looking to hire this Nanny long term and can either be part time, full time or temporary placements.

However, temporary placements or short term contracts tend to be considered as a Maternity Nurse placement, rather than a Nanny.  Many parents feel that they want to pay a higher package in order to have complete peace of mind, with a specialist nanny working for them and their babies.  Clients who have twins or multi-births also prefer these nannies as they also tend to have experience in this areas.  These candidates are bright (often degree educated) experienced and very flexible in their approach and are willing to work with the family as per their needs.


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What to expect from your maternity nanny

Maternity nannies are specialists with newborns, babies, and toddlers.  They are experts on the subject and can give the families they work for the care and consideration that younger children require.  

Maternity nannies are a long term solution to families who want additional support for their precious little ones.  They can help with daily routines from breastfeeding support, bottle feeding, and weaning, through to baby activities.  They will give your family peace of mind that your little ones are attended to with expert care.  Maternity nannies can also travel with your family when required, offer proxy-parenting at nights when you’re away and help with young childhood development.

How we can help you find the right maternity nanny

At Polo & Tweed we recruit the highest quality maternity nannies for elite families. When you work with us you can rest assured that you will:

  • Receive personal care – we have a close relationship with our clients and we have personal experience in hiring maternity nannies ourselves!
  • Best selection of maternity nannies – our database and network of candidates is extensive and we network with other luxury agencies for access to the most elite maternity nannies of the world.
  • Quality assurance – we don’t get paid until you find the perfect fit.


What you would need to consider when hiring a maternity nanny:

Live in or Live out:

Maternity Nannies will offer both, or a combination of live in or live out.  At the early days of bringing a new born home, most of our clients prefer to ask the Maternity Nanny to live in to give the family night and day support (often 24 hours a day).  This is vital for getting the baby into a good routine and allows for bonding with the new nanny in the family.  It really is per the clients preference as to how they choose to continue.  Some clients transition the maternity nanny to live out after the first 3/6 months, whilst others remain living in.  Some clients do a mixture of both.  It really varies, and we can provide exactly what the client needs.


If you are opting for a live in, or mixture of both live in and live out, then accommodation is an important factor to consider. Giving the maternity nanny their own space and privacy is vital as they will need to rest/relax when they are not working. Clients give this in a number of different ways, from a private bedroom/bathroom to completely separate accommodation, such as an annex or own apartment.  In the early stages, the maternity nanny might be required to sleep in the nursery with the baby (if providing night support), so its important they have their own space to rest on their days off if they are living in full time.

24 hour support:

Many of our clients opt for 24 hour support from their maternity nanny during the first years of their child(rens) life.  This can happen in a variety of ways from the nanny sleeping in the nursery with the baby to just getting up to support the parents through the night in their own room if the baby is in with them.  Helping make bottles, giving breast feeding support and winding/changing the baby through the night are top tasks for the maternity nanny!

Remember in the UK you cannot ask a candidate to work continually for 7 days in a row.  The longest amount of days worked can be 6 days 24 hour support, but this can be quite exhausting.  If you require full time round the clock support, you may need to consider hiring two candidates which can either work 3/24 and 4/24 or 7 days on/7 days off.  Again everything is flexible, so get in touch to explain what your needs are and we can help you.


Salary you would expect to pay a maternity nanny:

Salary ranges tend to be on the higher side for Maternity Nannies.  This is due to the fact that the client is expecting a great deal of experience and knowledge with new borns and infants.  However we do have entry level/mid-level Maternity Nannies on our books, candidates who have a background in childcare and are transitioning into specialising in this area.  This is P&T general guide to salary:

Entry level/Less experienced Maternity Nanny:  £450 – £700 net per week

Mid level/More experiencedMaternity Nanny:  £700 – £900 net per week

High level/Very experiencedMaternity Nanny:  £900+ net per week

This can all be affected by package offered, and P&T is well versed with any type of challenge!


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